My Feedback

Here are the problems with the game in my opinion. This is mostly feedback, not suggestions because there can be many different ways you can handle these issues.

  • There is very little reason to build and beatify your base because of Gods.
  • Weapon and armor durability drop way too fast and you find yourself repairing continuously. This is fine in the early stages of the game where basic resources are abundant however some higher tier weapons even break easier than stone ones.
  • Repairing your weapons and gear is expensive, and it sometimes even costs more than just creating a new item.
  • Crafting at a crafting station gives you no experience. Repairing gives you no experience. Cooking, smelting, and creating leather gives you no experience. This isn't fair for people who prefer crafting instead of fighting to level.
  • Mobs spawn way too fast. Very often you'll slaughter through numerous of mobs and as soon as you turn around, they've reappeared.
  • Too many mobs of different kinds all spawn together in some areas. It's not the difficulty that bothers me, just the environment becomes less immersive, especially when they all start fighting each other at the same time. I rather have a handful of animals which are harder to kill, then 10+ mobs in one given area. Pack animals should be the only ones that spawn in masses and together.
  • Mobs spawn around NPC camps, which looks odd and they also fight each other potentially killing the NPC you need.
  • Mobs tend to team-up against you, which is strange.

I'll addon more overtime.

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