My favorite part of this game

So I'm only ankle deep in this story so far at about 8 hours in but I already have so many things I love.

In no particular order:

  • npc quests actually make sense within the setting and make me feel like a talented and powerful warrior and not just the nearest chump. Each one so far has had a reasonable reason not to go take care of it themselves, be it religious doctrine or simple cowardice it's at least better than "I don' wanna"

  • it's FUCKING GORGEOUS everything about this from character design, outfits, landscapes, creature designs are incredible and have so much logic and style to them.

  • The combat and mobility are REALLY intuitive to the point that it's pretty easy to pull off some impressive looking dodge and parkour moves on purpose.

  • The SETTING is incredibly original and I've seen post-apocalypse settings before but always either "6-minutes after" "diesel punk" or "world is over-over and society has fallen" but to see a bronze age society built on the bones of hyper advanced technology and a maternal theocracy is astounding.

  • It's a lady and she's a badass.

  • The voice acting is great even if the facial animations are a little… uncanny valley. At least they emote.

  • The crafting, gathering, hunting and exploration are all seamlessly integrated.

  • It's set in a scaled down Colorado where I grew up and the scenery and landmarks are extra cool to run across and it's spot on and beautiful.

  • So far the story has been amazing and very engaging and has had real emotional and social impact on NPC's and Aloy.

What about you guys? What's your favorite parts?

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