My favorite aspect of this game that I haven’t seen talked about enough (Spoilers for endings A-E)

This is going to include spoilers for all endings so be warned. One of my absolute favorite parts of this game is the seamless transition in protagonist from 2B to 9S. You might be tempted to stop me here and say, "But, but, but, stop right there! Seamless? There are credits between playing as 2B and 9S!" While this is true, there are credits between the endings, up until route C the character development is spread fairly evenly between the two. The divergence starts in the B route, naturally, but being the opposite of the coin from the A route it isn't automatically apparent. The player starts to get more information about 9S's internal thoughts as well as events he took part in that weren't present in the A route. The incredible part, for me at least, comes with the transition from routes B to C. For me, not sure about other people, after starting route B as 9S I was fully prepared for route C to be the same story again, except from the perspective of A2. With this type of story structure, each character would be given roughly the same amount of game time. Then, after seeing the C route, I was thrown for a complete loop. Up until the moment that 2B dies, I was absolutely blown away by the story continuation, and while I did enjoy the character beats for 2B in this part, the driving force that began to take over was 9S. 9S transitions from sidekick at the beginning of the game, to the protagonist for the majority of the game, to tragic hero by the end. His arc is one of the finest examples of existential storytelling I've ever seen and I really felt the need to gush about my favorite aspect of this game.

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