My experience with SMITE and what else is there to do now?

I've played this game for nearly 2 and half years now, and I feel like I've gone on for too long being silent. I guess I must be enjoying my time in game then (not really) .

When I 1st saw this game almost 4 years ago, I immediately liked it for numerous reasons : 3rd person perspective, gods and creatures from mythologies instead of just random heroes/champs, and as a former original DOTA player, I needed something to get me back into the genre, seeing how other MOBAs just weren't cutting it for me.

After coming into this game pretty much completely on my own, without bringing in anyone or anyone bringing me in, I've been playing it almost every day, lone wolfing it too, despite it generally not being a good idea.

Fast forward to today, and after 1650h of gameplay and nearing 5000 games played in total, one has to wonder : is there anything else left to do? I've played thru every game mode out there, some more than the others, depending how much I liked it, but for how much I've played it, I've basically seen/been thru it all.

Now my skill level sadly isn't really what you'd expect from a veteran player like myself, because I still find myself on the "feeder getting carried" side of gameplay more often than not, purely because I feel that outside of game knowledge, I really don't have a whole lot to offer. My mechanics, decision making, attitude at times, and everything in between is just garbage, and TBH, I have no idea how to fix those, despite doing what supposedly "helps" in those situations.

Going into Season 4, I just knew that something was off because ever since it started, I just found myself getting increasingly bored with the game, whilst playing even more garbage than usual. The worst part is : I don't think it has anything to do with god/item/meta changes, I've just grown bored of the game, really.

Considering that the game is basically boring me now, and has seemingly lost it's fun factor, at least for me, is there anything that I could do to help me reinvigorate what seems to be a lost love for this game? Also, any other veteran players having similar issues? Let me know, and thanks in advance.

TL,DR : Veteran player here, played thru everything, gotten bored, anything I can do to make the game fun for me again?

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