My day of playing PK with 0 character knowledge.

I spent a day playing PK without knowing ANY of her moves beforehand. Never even read her moves list. All I knew was that her lights are too good and GB triple stab was bullshit. Now, my intention from the start was simple: Try and spend a day playing my least favourite character and formulate a defence against this cheap shit. The result, to put it short, was that there really isn't one aside from being WAAAAYYY better than the PK because literally 50% of the time I didn't even really know what I was doing when I was winning.

So I started by exploring the lights. Just walking near people, whiffing a light and getting the jab in a random direction and continuing the spam in peoples faces was EXTREMELY effective, EXTREMELY. Most couldn't counter it, on the off chance they could the majority of the reasons I was stopped was a simple block, and that was AFTER eating half my enemies health bar. The smart ones tried to roll away but so what? That just reset the situation after I'd already done damage.

So I spammed my way through most games until a kind stranger explained the gb triple stab to me, at which point my game became about 10x better. Spamming lights in peoples faces was great, but then I incorporated feinting a heavy into a random light or GB for 2 bars into my game and I was running through people. Then I came to another problem, sometimes my enemy would just swing randomly to try and catch me outside my range…I needed something to punish them for even daring to think. At all. The dodge attack, the ability to punish people for throwing out random stuff which also lead into me being right in their faces, a perfect place for more light spam.

It was amazing, I was utalising literally 10% of the games options and ruining people. These weren't newbies or scrubs, these were rep 3-6 players on their mains that I was scrubbing out. I'm talking about people who would be challenging to my Kensei getting ripped to shreds.

I realised pretty quick that I wasn't actually winning ANYTHING. I was forcing my opponent into a situation where they just had to GUESS what would happen next, it was a slot machine they had to react to and winning and losing to me was irrelevant. The only roadblock was another PK who knew the faster moves and won a bunch of matches, funnily enough they were all 3/2 losses with the last bar of his health every time. The guy had roughly 100 more levels than me and was doing EXACTLY what I was doing, just ever so slightly better.

PK is fucking toxic. No character should get this much mileage out of 3 things.

1: Whiff a light and try to land the second light randomly, 2 : Hang around outside their range until they do something and dodge attack it, 3: If they're stressing out whiff a heavy and go for a guardbreak stab and run around.

That's it. I'm even more angry when I lose to PK's now because I understand how little effort they're putting into the match.

Seriously, try the 3 steps I put above. It'll take about 20 minutes for your brain to fully accept that most of your options are wrong and your only job is to wait around until you see a chance to start the spam machine. My biggest mistake for the first 2-3 games was trying to block or parry or do anything of that nature. Going in and staying in was more than enough most of the time.

Tangential comment: Comparing this to Berserker or even Orochi is hilarious. PK forces my enemy to deal with my shit, neither of the other assassins can do that. A PK played with nearly no game knowledge was getting me better results than any of my non-mains.

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