My Compendium of HORRIBLE Skin Ideas [No Images]

So, after a short mental and emotional breakdown in the shower from a night of Smite – the usual antics, of course. I had a few skin ideas that will never ever be considered as a serious idea of introduction into the fine world of Smite. But, I thought I could share them here and get some comic feedback.

I. Twerkules/Twercury – A fine addition to the epic world of Smite, as Twerkules turns around before a driving strike and slams into you with his caboose! Or even moreso, Twercury turns around for each Made You Look and pummels you with his buns of agile fury. Think about it and be horrified.

II. Playgirl Aphro and Herc Hephner – This is pretty self-explanatory if you were born shortly before the nineties. You've seen this Aphro skin at your local beach in real-world Smite, you know the blonde with the playboy bunny tattoo? Love it or hate it.

III. Hebo Jeebies – Halloween Hebo skin, I can't even decide how his skillset would work, maybe he launches candy at you or something? I just like the name Hebo Jeebies. Say it to yourself later. It's fun.

IV. Bad Acne Arachne – A nerdy version of arachne with pimples – instead of spiderwebs, she puts down her old eggs like pimples and they pop to release her spiders. Gross, right? Man, puberty is tough.

V. Feminist Freya – She doesn't much care for Odin's patriarchy. And she's taking it to Ragnorok with a whole lot of Twitter rage and a bunch of Valhallan souls White-Knighting for her. You tell 'em, girl!

That's all I came up with. It wasn't that long of a shower. I hope you had some fun. I would love to hear your horrible skin ideas that Hi-Rez would reject faster than you can say antidisestablishmentarianism.

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