My biggest problem with only a little less than half of every exotic weapon in Destiny.

So, there are a lot of exotics that are good, and all the other ones fall under "Usable", but there aren't very many that I would call exotic… Take MIDA for instance, it's a really solid scout rifle and does its job perfectly, but if you just handed me a controller and I never played with a MIDA before, I would have no idea I was even using a special gun. Same with others like Ace of Spades, Thunderlord, Invective, the list goes on. These guns just don't feel exotic, they just feel like slightly better or worse versions of legendary guns.

Now, don't misunderstand me here, the guns perform fantastic, but we're not talking about performance we're talking about what makes them special. If I were gonna use Boolean Gemini, sure it may have a decent time to kill and just work as a solid scout, but I would have to pay close attention to even notice it had an exotic perk, and thats where I think future sandbox updates need to focus.

Look at games like Borderlands one, two, and the soon to be announced 3 for instance. If you got an exotic gun in those games, you knew it. The gun would perform totally different from others, to a point where it almost didn't fit into the class it was used in. Take TKs Wave for instance, it's a shotgun. Shotguns aren't very good in Borderlands and for the most part, see little use, but when you get TKs wave, it's a very viable gun. It shoots a straight line of bullets that travel in a wave form, so they can hit multiple targets in front of you with basic penetration based on enemy type. THATS an exotic gun, taking what is basic about a weapon type and throwing you a curve ball that makes it perform like a totally different gun.

Now don't get me wrong, there are guns that do that. Namely, all of the Prison of Elders exotic special weapons. Hand a Lord of Wolves to a newbie without telling them what it is, and they wouldn't even know it classes as a Shotgun unless you told them, because it's EXOTIC. It's different, it's something you gotta use a lot to be good with because it changes up the special formula so much that it feels like something totally new, like a secondary pulse rifle that has fusion rifle range and impact.

This is what I think needs to be done with the rest of them. Give them something they're missing, an exoticness, because frankly, a lot of exotics right now are completely inferior to legendary guns. Sure, you might like that fancy Thorn you got there, but unless you have a skilled hand the Palindrome is going to out-gun you more than 50 percent of the time, and the exotic perk of the gun, that being the burn effect, isn't even going to assist you. It's a cool idea done in the worst way. It burns for very little damage, goes away quickly, and then it's over. I can see myself getting shot by thorn, and then just saying "Oh no" in a super monotone voice before gunning him down with my Hawkmoon, a gun that actually feels exotic.

And, yeah… That pretty much wraps it up. My only hope for Destiny 2 is that exotics will be these amazing powerful super awesome guns that are very hard to obtain. No Three of Coins, Xur would only sell 1 exotic a week, maybe 2 or even 3 on a really good week, it would be random. And Exotic Engrams become these super rare things that would make a raid feel like christmas and make your fireteam want to kill you. THATS what would make something Exotic.

Anyways, thanks for reading if you did. I know that was kinda long.

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