My Biggest Issues with BotW

Despite BotW being a phenomenal game, I feel more excited at the prospect of a sequel than the DLC. I think that my largest grievances can be easily rectified in the sequel, and are such:

  • The Damned Rain. Enough said.

  • Lack of traditional dungeons. I see a lot of people complaining about that on forums, and while I like the concept of the divine beasts, I felt bored by them, and most only took 15-30 minutes, ignoring that pretty much every shrine was less than 10.

  • Too many Korok Seeds/collectibles. It should've stopped at 500 imo, and completing every quest, getting the medals, the hyrule compendium, and the korok seeds should've given better rewards or something at all (in some cases).

  • I'd love a more robust weapon system. First, a meter of some sort to indicate the weapon's current wear. Second, the ability to craft, upgrade, and repair weaponry. Third, more weapon types. We saw some great weapons like Bows and Boomerangs be found in chests, but why not a ball and chain as a regular weapon, or a warhammer of sorts(I do remember Keatons hammer)? Furthermore, more traditional items could still work. Hookshots can bring enemies closer or bring you to them, allowing for a more dynamic encounters. Fishing rods,bombchus, and slingshots too (all of which can have limited usages). The ability to dual wield weapons rather than being forced to use a sword and shield (allowing for hookshot and sword combo). This is of course ignoring items like rocs cape.

  • A More robust armor system. I really enjoyed botw, but felt they missed the mark a few times with it. Why do I need to sacrifice my cold resistance to walk on snow? It seems counter intuitive. Why not make boots a separate slow all together? Go barefoot, have pegasus boots, hover boots, iron boots (magnetic even?), snow boots, sand shoes, climb boots, swimming shoes, boots for climbing ice? This then can also have gloves. Cold resist gloves, magnetic gloves, faster climbing gloves, gloves for better grip in rain, gloves for grip on ice, gloves that give more strength to move large objects, gloves that provide extra damage, etc. Of course then there are still items like Roc's cape that could give extra jump height or use less stamina while gliding.

  • Finally, why can't we swim underwater? Think about how amazing Zora's Domain could be if we could swim underwater too, or the reef in skull lake. I think the possibilities of swimming underwater speak for themselves considering their prevalence in previous games.

In the end, BotW is great, but fixing/adding these 6 things in the next game would give it the opportunity to outshine BotW.

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