My Beautifully Fun Tank Spear Build: An agile, ki heavy alternative to Red Oni


I want to give a quick disclaimer. This build is not OP. It is not a build that you can use to gain a billion amrita a second, or to one shot bosses, or to make your living weapon kill every enemy in the entire game at once like a nuclear bomb. This build is not a 'broken' build. It's just a build to have fun fighting stuff with.

Also, to quote El-P, I'm not a scientist, that's not what I went to school for. So, I haven't gone deep on the science. I'm sure some smart souls out there will optimise the ideas I'm putting forward here. It's why I'm part of a community: ideas grow and develop.

I've been maining the spear since day one of this game being released and, as much as I have tried some other weapons, I've always come crawling back to the spear, like a familiar that has wandered too far crawling back to the smooth, glistening thighs of Fuku. I don't know why, it just has a moveset that I really enjoy. It has spins. It has flips. It has smashes. It comes fast. It comes hard. And, most of all, when you get all mystic, it just keeps coming and coming, like a familiar come crawling back to… Enough of that!

Here is a video of me explaining the build…

Now, for those of you that are maybe reading this at work(the same place I'm writing it) and can't watch a twelve minute video of me waffling on about how to make this bad boy, here's an overview and a general outline of what is going on here.

First off, this set up is all about looking beyond the red oni set that seems to be the most used set for those using the spear. I can imagine the 20% spearfall damage and 24% ki recovery speed are the main reasons why this set has become so popular. I just want to let you know that this build has both those things going for it. The spearfall damge comes from using the red oni spear, and the ki recovery comes from using the guardian spirit Kota(the fire dog).

The most important piece of kit for this set up is the Yasakani Magatama. This is a divine charm that is only found in NG+. So, if you are in NG then, I am sorry, but this build is beyond your reach just at the moment. The reason why this charm is so important is that it gives you one less requirment to meet set armour bonuses. You heard right! This means that wearing just one piece of a set gives you the bonuses of wearing two pieces! Essential! It means that you can have one piece of lots of different sets in your slots and you'll get all the damage reduction bonuses and the first bonus.

Another essential part of this build is 99 in your stamina set up. Yes. I know. Sounds a lot. But, trust me, it's a lot of fun. And that's why we play, right? Fun? Yes. Yes it is. This amount of stamina means you can wear ridiculously heavy armour and still keep B agility. The reason for heavy armour? Toughness and defence, both essential parts of a tank build.

What you want to be doing with this build is getting the set bonuses from The Greater Good set, the Red Oni set and the Warrior of the East set. The reason for these pieces is that they each give you a bonus to a articular skill attack on spear. Red oni: Spearfall 20%. Warrior of the East: Merciless Barrage 30%. Greater Good: Tornado 30%.

Your guradian spirit needs to be Kota as you get 20% skill damage, 27% ki regeneration speed, and 25 ki. Ki is essential as you have B agility and want to be using as little ki as possible.

Three pieces of armour have the inheritable of Evasion Ki Usage- around 18% when maxed on each, which gives over 50% ki reduction when dodging. Two set pieces have elemental damage down when guarding, about 30% each, which is paired with a charm that has 50% elemental damage reduction when guarding. This means you get 100% elemental damage blocked.

Blocking is essential.

With this build I figured there are four ways you lose ki: you attack, you dodge, you defend and you get hit. I wanted to minimise all the ki loss that couldn't be regenerated with ki pulse. So, defending I lose very little ki as I have tougness over 400. Getting hit I lose hardly any ki, again toughness. Dodging I lose very little ki as I have the bonuses on. So, I only really expend ki attacking, and that can all be ki pulsed back using the spear mystic skill that makes your ki pulses into attacks. This is also essential, as you replace the last hit in a combo with a ki pulse.

The clan you choose is also important. I chose the clan Todo. The reason is that the clan gives +5 health based on stamina. With 99 stamina I get over 500 health from this alone. Also, as every piece of armour I am wearing is heavy, I get the 2% for each, which stacks. I get over 100 attack from this alone.

Anything else essential? Well, my build isn't fully, fully optimised. It can go further and I'm sure people out there can come up with good alternatives to what I have done here. The point is, if you are using spear, try and get out of the A agility range and get your tougness up. It is like a whole other game. You can tank near every hit in the tgame that does't deplete your ki.

I will be streaming this build tonight for an hour, just hitting the Torii gate to help some people and show off the possibilities of a build that can tank hits from even the strongest of enemies. I haven't got any examples in the vid as I just wanted to hit the raw data. Hope this helps, and I hope it gives a few people some ideas of what can be done beyond red oni and OP builds that are basically about one shotting bosses(one shotting is fun, but I just love the combat so much. Dancing around enemies is what it is all about for me, and as I am rally bad at twitch timing, getting out of the way of attacks is 50/50, so tanking really helps as I hate being staggered).

Tl:DR: Just a few ideas on a spear build.

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