My advice for players currently playing or about to play

*I mean this is all optional of course. It's things I picked up on that helped me to make the game fun and get the most out of everything.

*Anytime you do quests, read the data points! It adds more to the story and you also get hidden dialogue from it.

*Look around after a quest! They may not be highlighted but they give you more details about things!

*Play the game on the hardest difficulty! When you do this, it almost acts if it was true to gameplay. Let's be real if a watcher threw it's body at you, you'd be pretty destroyed. Like all games the further you get the easier it gets!

*Hunting grounds, do them as soon as you see them. Not only are the rewards great but it teaches you how to use other ways of taking things out and how to help you in crazy moments!

*Sell mass amount of resources! Let's be honest we don't need 400 blaze in your inventory, this is a good way to farm shards as well! (press square when selling, you can sell multiple items)

*Buy potions and stock up on herbs! Nothing is more clutch then having that free health rise as you get hit and notice if you didn't use it, you would've died!

*That's about all I can think of now. I know most of these are obvious and everyone knows them but I didn't as I was playing. It helps with character development, not just with Aloy but with everyone! (Hope the format is good, I'm on mobile and don't fully understand how to format everything)

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