Muzzle Velocity is too low.

I felt a lot of difficulty hitting moving targets with the M40A5 (shitty stock scope doesn't help), and it seems to be because the muzzle velocity is too low. So i decided to test it by timing the rounds over 500m. Suppressor doesn't seem to affect muzzle velocity. The M40A5 clocks in at about 500 m/s, compared to the real life M40A5's 777 m/s. The HK416 is where it gets really bad, taking exactly 2 seconds to cover the distance, meaning it's shooting at 250 m/s to the real gun's 788 m/s. Weirdly, the standard .45 you start with seems to be shooting at 1000 m/s unless I've measured wrong somehow, as it traveled 100 m in exactly 1/10 of a second, which is about 3-4 times higher than it's real life velocity of 250-300 m/s.

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