Musing about Character Build

Sorry if this message seems like rambling, it probably is…

Basically I'm wondering how to improve my character build. I don't think it is optimised but I'm not sure which way to go.. On another hand it is nice to be able to try different builds and respec later. I started the game planning to be an Onmyo Mage with my main weapon the kusarigama and sword as back up. So I put a lot of points in Magic and Dex, some in Heart and Body and off we go. I am using Mage Gear so didn't put any points in Stamina and I'm under 30% equip load. Overall light armor/fast weapon plus range magic/bow is my type of play.

Halfway through the story, I decided to respec to try the other weapons. I am now using dual sword as main and spear as back up. So I've put the points into Skill, still put some in Dex and Magic (but less than before) and obviously Body and Heart. I'm not really missing out too much on the reduced Onmyo and Ninjutsu so now I'm thinking how I should spec when I want to try the axe… I might drop the Dex and Magic (use the minimum 20 maybe), and instead put points in Stamina to use some armor?

I'm not asking people to answer for me as each player have their favorite ways with weapons, armors etc but I'm trying to go a little out of my confort zone by having a build different from what I'm used to. Has anybody else done that? Any feedback?

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