Mother of the Forlorn

I have been obsessed with Velka since I first played Dark Souls 1, as both a character shrouded with questions, while always masked from our view. It is recommended listening to <
remarkably similar
to the Priestess Ring. The transformation of "Pilgrims –> Pilgrim Butterflies –> Angels" is one of the bizarre treats we are given in the Ringed City. A disgusting growth out of the back of these pilgrims seems to be a parasite controlling and birthing this Angel, in all cases except the Stone Humped Hag.

The intro sequence suggests Londor exists in this Ashen Waste timeline, up until the moment before the lords are awakened from their graves and their lands begin to converge. When the link of the fire is threatened, the bell tolls, unearthing the old Lords of Cinders from their graves…. In times and spaces where no bell of awakening tolls, these Lords remain dead. This land of dead is the place all ash slowly becomes deposited over the countless ages of Undead sacrifice to link the flame.

Why then, would we find Gael at this moment, consuming the Pygmy Lords which Gwyn trapped at the end of all things? Why does the Shrine Handmaiden comment on the lack of bell tolls when we speak to her in the Untended Graves? Even Vilhelm notices the bell does not toll when we approach him. Why does Ludleth know of the Abyssal Firelink? Why does he have no legs? Why is there a gap between the first three and last five thrones of the Pygmy Lords? Why is Ludleth's throne strikingly similar to theirs? Why is the Lord of Cinder, in the very last shot of the intro cinematic, dragging a body to be used to make a bonfire? What bonfire is it?

*Fire came to be and with it disparity.

Heat and cold, life and death, light and dark.

Dark was seen as a curse.

Shadow is not cast but born of fire.

And the brighter the flame, the deeper the shadow.

Inherit fire and harness the dark.

Such is the calling of a true leader.

One day fire will fade and dark will become a curse.

Men will be free from death; left to wander eternally.

Dark will again be ours and in our true shape

We can bury the false legends of yore.

…only is this our only choice?

Seek strength.

The rest will follow.

tl;dr Velka is definitely important, possibly the only actual God in this world of lies.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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