Mini map option that would make the game more appealing to some

After reading the posts about not using markers and mini map for a completely different experience, I tried and enjoyed and had a new found respect for this game. However, I did not enjoy driving around and having to stop to use the map to reach destinations. I'm just asking for the ability to turn off all enemies on the mini map as well. I don't want red blobs letting me know where "sicarios" are, purple blobs for unidads. I just want the roads the gps and the tagging, weapons, and documents.

My only other suggestion is put enemies on mini map only when in the line of sight of an ally or a flying drone. If they move out of sight take them off the radar.

I think both options would make this game cater to fans who want a more hardcore experience all together. I just remember the days when ghost recon gave you options to do whatever you wanted on everything.

PS… Also give the option to not allow revives

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