Milsim fans, i need advice on roles and difficulty

Hi all, for all those milsim fans i wanted to get your input on how to put together a squad with roles to mimic the special forces. Kind of role play i guess. Im already trying to convince a few of my friends, who are old school GR and R6 fans, to play the wildlands on Extreme and no HUD to counter how easy the game feels at times in its default state.

However i want to go a little further and suggest roles to them and try to make up a realistic spec ops squad. I assume you would have a Leader, Grenader, LMG gunner and Sniper. I would have no problem filling them out with these roles but i dont really know what gadgets and tactics should be used with each role.

For example what would the leader do, what upgrade tree would be best for him, rebel upgrades maybe, and should he be staying behind or leading up front? Would the grenader act as engineer with explosives and should he man the drone, which skill tree and gadgets for him? Next does the LMG gunner stay back near the Sniper to cover the squad from overhead ready to uload a firestorm should shit hit the fan, maybe cover Sniper or act as spotter for sniper with binoculars or Drone, which tree for him and should a spotter use binocs over drone?

Lastly does the sniper act soley as a shooter or recon, should he wait to fire until leader tells him to, is he best with a drone or would binoculars make more sense because im having hard time determining which is better and why use binocs it seems the drone is just better in every way, what tree and gadgets for him? I have a general idea of how it should go down but wouldnt mind input from more hardcore people out there on how to turn this into more simulation.

Remember i am playing no HUD, also would enabling the gps mini map make sense IRL i though troops have real time satellite gps with enemy positions or heat signatures?

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