Military skin concepts just for fun. Not finished D: Input is super appriciated please and thank you!

Quick preface, I did this on my phone at work on break. I'm sorry for any horrific spelling mistakes or auto corrects! D:

So my girlfriend gave me the initial idea for this after comparing secret agent apollo's ult to an A-10 doing a gun run. So keep in mind this started from very little and I'm not super creative…I've left slots I'm clueless about blank and would love help filling them in, or changing ones that suck!

Idk if hirez would have issues making official Army Navy Air Force skins, but here's some ideas if they ever wanted to release a pack of them for veterans day or something.

Another final note! I have some voicelines in mind for most of these and if people like the idea enough, I'll add those here later.

Air Force Apollo: In a flight suit with aviator sunglasses and either M9 or 1911 pistols (both iconic for the American military for different reasons) 1-a missile based on an AIM-120 2-radio static that "confuses" everyone in the area. I come from air force maintenance so this one just speaks to me 3- …? 4- he rides a damn A-10 that BBRRRTTT's everyone on the ground when he jumps off

Navy Poseidon: Either in NWU's or standard Sailors attire. Trident is an anchor. 1- jet launching off a carrier, or just runway strip. Can lift off at the end when the ability usually dissipates 2- …? 3- sub in the middle, make the white caps look like the water being sucked in as the sub is diving 4- giant damn battleship!

Army Nemesis: standard army multicam, sword is a wrapped up army flag, hat pulled down over her face. 1- …? 2- self explanatory. Swing dat flag! 3- gains a Kevlar vest, shield should be more greenish brown to match the uniform. 4- either a tank she'll that hits them starting the debuff and dmg, or a digital targeter closes in on them with cross hairs on them as long as the the debuff is on them. I'm split between the two ideas.

Marine Wukong: wearing marine desert camo (matches his color scheme well) staff is now a pugil stick. 1- fairly self explanatory I think. Shouts Oohhrah when he uses it ofc. 2- also self explanatory. For both these abilities I'm sure someone WAY more creative then me could think of some cool effects! 3- transforms into a jet, hovercraft, or tank (eagle, tiger, bull respectively) 4- hops into a chopper instead of a cloud. Lands with a nice explosion. Explosions are manly.

Coast Guard Guardian – I'm realllyyy struggling with this one. I had some ideas for Athena involving her ult dropping her from a rope like a rescue swimmer, but when I was in the military my interactions with the Coast Guard were very minimal, I left this blank out of my ignorance, not a lack of disrespect for the guardians of our nation's borders.

This is all fairly basic, and I 100% admit I have not a single creative bone in my body. Any and all input is welcome. I understand this can probably never happen since most service branches are a brand in themselves but I'd been throwing these ideas out at my GF for so long she said I had to make a post lol.

If this gets any attention, I'll share some voiceline ideas as well as explanations behind them! Please help me finish these concepts and improve the parts that suck ass!!

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