I never played MGS5 or any other MGS. I heard about this game long time ago because many games websites wrote about it and about his creator Kojima. It is the first MGS open world of the series just like GR. I watched some gameplays and reviews and i think its a pretty game. I don`t want to make a thread MGS vs GR. I just want to know how much they are similar. I noticed that

  • 1) They are both open world and stealth games

  • 2) They have vehicles (On MGS Aircrafts are missing)

  • 3) Players can equip drones and special equipments

– 4) They have coop mode

  • 5) They have same environment (Bolivia for GR and Africa for MGS)

  • 6) They are both TPS/FPS hybrid

I don't write about the story because i didn't take care about it at the moment. Who played MGS maybe can make much more differences ?

Watch this these game comparisons (video headers are noob just take care of gameplay)

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