Merlle’s Weekly Math/Theorycrafting AMA #62

Hi Reddit! It’s me, Merlle, Hel-bent on making your week better with some quality information! :^>

For those that don't know, I’m a teamless coach who has been playing MOBA-style games since 2011. I'm up for discussing any questions or comments you guys may have, be it theory crafting, math, fun builds/team comps, season 4 changes, etc. If you want to keep up on the latest, best way to know is to follow me on twitter, @Merlle_!


This is a public discussion for the current state of the game and any and all upcoming changes

I will answer comments up until I go to bed.

Wait until next week if you have more to ask or discuss.

Here are my personal feelings on the 4.3 changes.

I'm building MerlCalc from scratch rather than using a skeleton version of Krettcalc as the base, and it's about 25% done at this point.

In addition to the hunter calculator heretofore dubbed 'MerlCalc', I've also softlaunched @Hogchamp_, a new twitter exclusively made to post relevant smite information for season four and future content. At the moment, It's just going to be posting some Item Flash Cards for the new season, but more stuff is planned Eventually™


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