[Megathread] Open Beta Feedback

Open Beta Feedback

Hello everyone,

there is a lot of threads with great feedback, so I thought it would be good to have them all in one place.

Please be constructive with your feedback, I will try to keep the list up-to-date.

If you think there should be anything added to this list and it was already discussed in this sub, please post a link to the thread as well.


===== CRITICAL =====


1. In-game Time speed

  • too fast, one in-game minute is only a few seconds – this should be slowed down. Make it more realistic, it is highly noticeable on how fast the shadows moves.

2. Disappearing bodies

  • dead bodies should only disappear when the player is too far away and no longer in area of operations. discussion

3. Enemies re-spawn way too quickly

  • on a few occasions we saw how they magically appeared around us (spawned) – this should not happen at all. discussion

4. AI should not automatically know your position

  • nothing to add here, I think everyone knows what I am talking about. discussion

5. Physics needs to be improved

6. Multiplayer/Coop in-game synchronization

  • while playing in coop, we have noticed multiple times that some of the objects/enemies/etc. are not in the same place for everyone in the group. The synchronization between the server and clients needs to be improved.

7. AI Team Members

  • If we order them to hold on, they must remain where they are no matter what. They should not magically appear(teleport) near you when you get too far away from them. Or add option to disable the AI team completely and let us play solo. discussion :: discussion

8. Helicopter handling


===== SUGGESTION =====


1. Time fast-forward

  • let us have the option to fast-forward time for day/night time missions. discussion

2. Bullet travel time

3. Radios everywhere

  • the amount of radios in-game should be reduced, or simply turn some of them off by default. discussion

4. Allow us to drag the bodies

  • it would be nice to be able to drag the bodies away (related to disappearing bodies as well) discussion

5. Binoculars have no actual animation when teammates look at you

  • it works for AI, but not for players, should be fixed. discussion

6. Allow us to lock shoulder view (left/right)

  • there should be an option to lock shoulder view, so that we can have character on either left or right side permanently, without the need to switch.

7. Clouds textures resolution

  • the game itself and the world is beautiful, great job on that, but the clouds textures are too low-resolution (even on ULTRA settings), it would be nice to have a high-res textures, currently used textures are just ugly.

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