[Megathread] Feedback/Suggestions/Bugs


Hello Ghosts,

as the full game is already released in some parts of the world, we would like you to let us know what you think should be improved, changed or added into the game.

We have decided to divide this thread into 3 main categories:

1. Feedback

2. Suggestions

3. Bugs

Please, when posting, make sure to include as much information as possible, and if you can, provide screenshots or videos as well.

I will update the list based on your posts as often as possible.

Note that we already had a huge open beta feedback thread, so make sure to check that out as well, as we need to have a new, up-to-date list for a full game.

Thank you.


=============== FEEDBACK=============


1. Radios everywhere

  • the amount of radios in-game should be reduced, or simply turn some of them off by default. discussion :: discussion

2. Helicopter & Airplane handling

3. Multiplayer/Coop in-game synchronization

  • while playing in coop, we have noticed multiple times that some of the objects/enemies/etc. are not in the same place for everyone in the group. The synchronization between the server and clients needs to be improved. There are also reports about weather not being synchronized. The character conversations in Coop is not synchronized as well.

4. Vehicles aren't durable enough

  • they get blown up way too easily. Even the heavily armors APC tank can't survive some machine gun fire. discussion.

5. Keep crouched position

  • when crouched, and grabbing an enemy. Please make the character go back to crouched position after knocking out the enemy. Not just stand straight up.


============= SUGGESTIONS============


1. The AI teammates customization

  • we should be able to customize the AI teammates.

2. Let us choose to be revived or not ("bleed out" button)

  • there should be a respawn button when you die in a single player. We should have a choice whether to be revived by an AI teammate in singleplayer or not. discussion :: discussion

3. Allow us to drag the bodies

  • it would be nice to be able to drag the bodies away (related to disappearing bodies as well) discussion

4. Night vision goggles / IR Lasers

  • when using night vision, the night vision goggles are not actually visible on players head (it is basically just a screen filter). Please consider adding Night Vision Goggles (NVGS) to helmets / stand alone, also IR lasers that appear on night vision, and flashlights.

5. Add a scope larger than 6x

  • the map is huge and the highest magnification is only 6x, at least make it 12-14x.

6. Add compass

  • we want to play without any HUD at all, and to do this we need more navigation tools than just the map. Because of this, we would very much appreciate having a compass.

7. Add car horns

  • vehicles have horns people who drive them need horns. Kindly give us horns in vehicles.

8. Supplies tagging

  • when playing with other people in coop, it should be enough when only one person tag supplies.


=============== BUGS ===============


1. Weapon bug – L85A2 with TA31H (ACOG)

2. Character/slot bug

  • when using the second or third save slot, I can't see the character, he is hidden behind the customization menu to the left.

3. Xbox One – Scroll bug

  • If I scroll too far down into locked accessories (hats for example) I lose control of the menu entirely. The only way to regain it is to back all the way out to the first customization page.

Last updated: 07/03/2017 17:37 CET

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