[Megathread] Beta key giveaways

Thanks to /u/smashT for the idea:

Please follow these rules:

  • Only giveaways in this thread as parent comments. That means all top level comments in here are giveaways. This will make it easy to find them. We suggest you don't post the actual key publicly to avoid botting.

  • You can beg in child comments, if you think that increases your chances of getting a key.

  • Only give away keys because you have a spare one. No giving away for likes / follows / viewers / subscribers or any other commercial benefit.

  • People who already gave away their keys, please edit the post and mark it so that it's obvious if you still have your key or not.

  • Comments that do not adhere to the posting rules should be reported. These will be removed immediately.

  • Please follow the rules of each individual user that is hosting the giveaway. Hosters, if you have a problem with a particular user please report with the reason "Failure to follow giveaway instructions"

    We will set the thread to "newest comments on top" so that you don't have to scroll through the whole thread.

Important: Please use this thread from now on as a way to receive beta keys.

If you have any other questions, please send a message to the moderators as a whole

One Reply to “[Megathread] Beta key giveaways”

  1. nice game,I have waiting for a long time. and still looking for keys many days,please give me one! thanks

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