Mea Culpa


I stirred up a lot of controversy by referring to the new Outlands crate as new content recently. It was not my intention whatsoever. In fact, I completely overestimated that having a first ever JS-only crate was exciting for people. This is the first crate release I've been involved with so I truly did believe that this was exciting new content that I was excited to share with the community.

I think most of you know that I'm pretty transparent and honest about things, including (if not especially) when I'm wrong. I was clearly wrong to imply that a new crate was new content in the way you all expect. It was never my intention to mislead or deceive anyone, and in the absence of new content that we can actually share with you right now (like melee which is really close but not quite ready), I really thought a new crate for the Just Survive crowd was something, well, new and exciting.

We also realize that this crate could have been better designed for different players, and that's something we're going to work on in the future. We tried to put together a collection of items that we felt strongly about as players ourselves while balancing it against what we thought the community would want, too. Clearly we have some room to grow here and I hope that if nothing else it plainly illustrates that there really is a completely new team on JS (since the last crate) that are also learning the ropes as we go. We'll learn from our choices and improve overall with your input. Ultimately this is mine to own and I do.

I'm sorry if the last few days have upset you. I hope everyone realizes that it's never my intention to do so. I know this is hard to hear for some of you but I have to repeat that we're going to make decisions about the present and future experience of Just Survive that don't always align with the past and what you're used to. We love the Just Survive community and we don't want you guys going anywhere, but we also want it to grow. Nothing we do is aimed at driving anyone away. On the contrary, we want to expand it to new players. We want to advance it in ways that are going to be difficult for the old guard to accept. We may lose some of you, and while I don't want that, we can't be beholden to a past that's proven it's limitations. It's time to bring Just Survive up to a new standard it deserves and it's going not always going to be painless.

Lastly, this post is my own choosing to do. I imagine there are many people in the company that are quite worried reading this in fact. Haha…(FWIW, I need you to know that I fight for things like free crates and various things that I get vetoed on, but my intentions are to always make sure the people that have supported us for so long get taken care of. I want you guys to know that I do what I can.)

I always want to be straight with you guys and I'm sorry that many of you feel that I've let you down. I hope you'll stick around for what's next. I really do. And I hope that over these past few months you've come to see that this amazing little team is truly in this…that we are committed and excited and absolutely cannot wait to share the new JS with you this summer.

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