Matchmaking should consider your weekly personal best, not your all-time personal best

After the latest update, matchmaking considers your personal best.

This is really unfair, these are just some reasons i can think of:

  • Lucky streaks can make your PB bounce up, which puts you against stronger opponents than you.

  • Balance changes and meta-shifting can fuck up a deck. This means that you will be matched based on the highest trophy count you reached with a deck that isn't effective anymore.

  • Harder to experimentate and change decks. My personal best is also tied to my best deck, which has probably the highest levels and the most refined structure. If i want to change deck, i will have to use lower level cards and a worse deck structure, but i will keep facing strong opponents.

This was a measure to stop trophy dropping, which was becoming really cancerous, but it doesn't only hit trophy droppers, it hits everyone. Then, how to keep the droppers counter while being more gentle on normal players?

The solution is simple: matchmaking should take in account the personal best of the past 7 days. It will be called Recent Personal Best or something like that.

Legit dropping due to your deck becoming unfit is a slow process, this method will adapt matchmaking to your new, lower success rate. Trophy droppers won't be able to drop just for a the clan chest period, but they will have to drop the whole week before, missing out 10 worth days of higher rewards rather than the 3 days they missed out before.

Tell me your thoughts!

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