Massive Breakdown of /r/destinythegame

Happy St Patrick's Day, Guardians! Or not – I guess that's up to you.

Aaanyway, I wanted to share some data with you all this morning from a conversation that /u/mercules904 and myself had with /r/destinythegame moderator /u/misterwoodhouse (aka The Banhammer) in the latest episode of the Massive Breakdown Podcast.

Speaking of, if you want to listen in on the full discussion, including how Woodhouse got into Destiny and became a moderator, the Super Secret Pax East Party that Bungie threw, and some coverage of the Age of Triumph Weekly events, go here:

Otherwise, continue reading.

So one of the first things I want to share is the some data on how quickly accounts posted or commented on this sub after being created (ie the number of people who joined Reddit specifically to comment on /r/destinythegame).

Number of Accounts How Fast They Contributed To The Sub
11783 15 Minutes
14915 1 Hour
16178 4 Hours
16983 12 Hours
18028 24 Hours

So this is pretty cool, because I'm almost certainly counted in these numbers – I created my account specifically to participate in the community here, along with at least 18027 of you all.

Next up, let's look at some data on the sub's unique accounts, daily growth, and veteran accounts – plus a special shout out to most senior redditor on /r/destinythegame!

Category Total
September Pageviews 38000000
September Visitors 1800000
March Visitors ~680000
Total Subscribers 305628
Unique Contributors 170534
Estimated Total Lurkers 135094

This is a really cool dataset as well. We can see that while things are cooling off considerably from where the sub was at Rise of Iron (yes, that's 38 million pageviews from 1.8 million visitors), we still have very large community and a ton of incoming traffic using the sub on a regular basis. When Destiny 2 launches, we'll have to revisit this to see how its launch compares for the sub – I suspect it will be truly astounding.

Prediction: We're going to celebrate Destiny 2 by crashing Reddit.

The Unique Contributors number was also really impressive: that's everyone who's ever made a post or a comment on this sub. I also found it very interesting that nearly half of /r/destinythegame's subscribers have never posted – that's a lot of lurkers!

When you consider that some of those contributors may have since left the sub and been replaced, I suspect my number for lurkers is actually low – I reached it (as some of you will notice) by subtracting the Contributors from the Subscribers, but it's an estimate, not confirmed data.

Account Age Total Accounts
<1 Day (rolling) 10
2+ Years 95966

The sub is still gaining about 10 new accounts every day!

/r/destinythegame's oldest account is /u/sporkland at 11 years 220 days – now that's a dedicated Redditor! For comparison, the average age of accounts here is 2 years, 220 days, and ~13 hours (as of when this data was pulled, so round up). I wonder what happened then to make so many people sign up?

Here's a link to the screenshot Woodhouse shared showing most of the data above.

Oh, and here's a pop quiz!

Can you guess which days of the week generate the most traffic on /r/destinythegame?

Moving on, let's give the subreddit's top Guardians their propers.


Name Karma
/u/DTG_Bot 62908
/u/RiseOfBacon 34467
/u/Axxx31 15999
/u/OdysseyWolf 14416
/u/Mercules904 11010
/u/redka243 10014
/u/just_SiLeNtWaLkEr 9201
/u/TheMaestro55 8646
/u/THConer 8219
/u/Trainer_A 8014

Unsurprisingly, /u/DTG_Bot comes out on top – leave it to a robot, right? Super impressive, but also unsurpring is /u/RiseOfBacon taking 2nd place by a wide margin. Major props to all for making this sub better with great posts, though!


Author # Submissions
/u/DTG_Bot 1131
/u/RiseOfBacon 322
/u/NFSgaming 229
/u/Faust_8 211
/u/Mercules904 174
/u/TheDrock21 158
/u/Adeel_007 150
/u/el2mador 149
/u/just_SiLeNtWaLkEr 148
/u/Axxx31 140

Also unsurprising, this is basically a demonstration of how these folks got all their Karma: they submit a lot of posts! DTG_Bot, you'll notice, is clearly lacking in quality compared to the real Guardians, who average a lot more Karma per post.


Name Karma
/u/MisterWoodhouse 76501
/u/DeeJ_BNG 67221
/u/Hawkmoona_Matata 58591
/u/Cozmo23 42244
/u/aWrySharK 37995
/u/eliasgreyjoy 31947
/u/UnknownQTY 29971
/u/NorseFenrir (Happy Birthday!) 29172
/u/Destiny_Flavor_Text 28900
/u/ZarathustraEck 28669

So it's pretty clear that the main reason /u/MisterWoodhouse brought this data was because his comments did beat both /u/DeeJ_BNG and /u/Cozmo23 – you'll have to ask him where a lot of that Karma came from (or listen to our podcast ;-).


Author # Comments
/u/RiseOfBacon 9268
/u/MisterWoodhouse 8097
/u/Hawkmoona_Matata 6161
/u/eliasgreyjoy 5675
/u/NorseFenrir (Happy Birthday!) 5540
/u/Perma_trashed 5461
/u/mckinneymd 5041
/u/titan3845 4668
/u/The_Wolverines_Dad 4469
/u/D0cR3d 4465

I know so many of these names so well – you see them everywhere on this sub, and you instantly recognize them as someone helpful. This is why.

Ratio of Comments to Submissions

Contribution Type Total Percent
Submissions 173454 6.7%
Comments 2427278 93.3%

That's 14 comments for every submission!

I'm including this just because I think it's awesome how much people participate with posts and submissions here on /r/destinythegame. Good job, Guardians!

Finally, we also discuss a big question near the beginning of the cast: When Destiny 2 Launches, What Happens to the Sub?

The short answer, per /u/MisterWoodhouse, is not much will change. Given the popularity of the sub and the awesome community already in place (of whom most, we can all agree, will migrate to D2), the only changes they are considering are updating filters and flair to indicate content specifically targeted at 1 game versus the other. As Woody points out though, there will be a lot of overlap, especially in lore and storyline discussions, and we'll all enjoy making video comparison between old crappy 30 FPS D1 and the shiny new 120FPS 4K Ultra HD graphics that Bungie had darn well better develop for D2.

the only changes they are considering are updating filters and flair

That's right, /u/Deej_BNG and /u/Cozmo23: if you guys don't personally code a graphics engine so powerful it wholly replaces my real life, I'm quitting Destiny.



Okay, well that's all I have for you, Guardians! Thanks for reading, and for being part of the numbers. Once again, you can hear the entire conversation with /u/MisterWoodhouse, which I am not typing up (but if you do, please let me know!) in Episode 34 of the Massive Breakdown Podcast.

Until next time!

EDIT: You want more?

/u/D0cR3d has generously volunteered to query the database on our behalf! (When he gets home, that is).
Also: Data provided by Layer7 Solutions aka SkyNet Enterprise Services.

Edit: Added /u/ tags to all users so you can stalk them more easily. You're welcome.

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