Man this game… this bloody game.

Never have I experienced a story and gameplay that struck me in such a way.

I was hyped as heck for this game earlier this year, and when it finally released, I was fearful that I may be overhyping it. Played it for some hours, and sure, it was fun and the story interesting (albeit simple and kinda full of confusing plot holes at that time), but that was it. I was slightly disappointed, even, that nothing really mind-blowing occurred. I pushed on, however, as it is a Yoko Taro title, and that man is rather… special. "There must be something I'm missing… there must be something more," I thought to myself.

Holy shit. I don't like to swear but… Holy fucking shit.

After completing the game… I definitely did not overhype it. Heck, it deserves even more than what it's receiving right now.

NieR: Automata was the first JRPG I've ever played, and I usually avoid them as they seem to have an overly complicated plot and were full of cliches. Yes, NieR had an overly complicated plot and there were some cliche moments, but there's just something special with Yoko Taro titles. I'm not sure how to put it, but there's this thin line between genius and sheer madness, and Yoko Taro stands right on it. I'm not really sure if there's any game that will be like this, but I do wish that there will be.

I know there must be similar threads like this, and this is probably spam, but I feel NieR: Automata deserves whatever praise it can get. It redefines what a game actually is.

To those who have yet to play this game: Buy it, rent it, steal it, whatever, just play it. And continue playing after the first "ending". To be honest, I have no idea why the "endings" exist. The joke ones I understand, but it upsets me that some people stopped once they reached the "end", and miss out on what makes this game so special.

My words may be worth nothing, but if I were to give a 10/10 to something, it would be NieR: Automata. It has transcended its medium, it has become an experience exclusive to itself.

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