Making Test Server Test Tubes (A Daybreak Developers Request)

Let me start off with a few Ground Rules 🙂 This is not meant for the eyes of the players but you surely can discuss whatever you want about it. This is me letting go of my need to see things done on my behalf at Daybreak Games.

On Test Servers:

  • Rename all Servers to PVE or PVP and a Number. (Example: PVE#1, PVP#4, etc)

  • Remove any Description of what might show us the Purpose of the Server. Let us figure it out and if possible reward us for talking about the problems here on Reddit.

  • I prefer the original 2015 Game only because the bugs were new and some of the bugs were actually fun. If this game was called Alpha Tester 101 I would find it a more fitting title.

  • Keep a Website up with statistics on the Test Servers with Avg Population Counts and Hours Spent Playing.(Example: PVP#2: 40 Players/3 hours per day, Or PVE#3: 34 Players/ 4 hours per day)

  • I don't want any Developer Response to this Post. I don't care what you think about this Idea as much as you should care about what we think about your Unfinished Game.

  • And Finally, Please Reddit, Change Your Downvote Button To A Report OffTopic Button. It Is Annoying As Hello To Have To Read Posts From A Popularity Contest.

Live Servers:

(Insert Random Crap Here, Awww Hell No, Not Worth My Time!)

Thank you for Reading 🙂

Bonus Info 🙂

  • I Don't Want Any More Developer Notes On Test Server. Please Stop Telling Us What We Should Test. The Biggest Problems Come From Too Many Ideas Going Every Which Way 🙂

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