Make Storage Containers Great Again

As you know, storage containers are easily the best thing in the entire game. How else can you store 50 Hunting Rifles in a 1'x2' chest? Only the H1Z1 Storage container!

So how do we make them better?

Example 1: Sorting
What if it was possible to sort your belongings by categories and see them in descending order? It would be so nifty, especially when you're zombie farming and are at like 10 HP and are searching through your hundreds of loot items to look for bandages or first aid kits.
Here's an illustration: Bear with the image, I quickly made it along with the others

As you can see, items can be sorted and scrolled through easily by sorting them from a drop-down menu. Super useful for large clans or just the resource-less noob.

Example 2: Search Bar
If categories would be too clunky, a search bar would be the most simple way of finding loot.

Simply type in the name of the item you're looking for, and that's it! I also have an example of this. Riiiiight here! :

Example 3: Manual Item Swapping
This one is huge for me. I personally like to put my spare guns and ammo in one chest, but the ammo gets intertwined with the guns and guns get overlapped and the order gets all messed up and it's a total nightmare for people who like to be organised.
So I suggest something like THIS:

Let me explain, so you simply click an item, drag it up in between two items, and it sets it in between them and save that position. It would be so helpful for anyone who wants to organize their guns, medicial equipment, clothing, etc.


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