Make Faction War more rewarding for the Individual

I gotta tell you there's nothing as discouraging as fighting a lot of battles and putting down a lot of assets, despite your faction getting it's ass kicked, only to not be rewarded in any way for your individual efforts. Seriously, why isn't there like a "reputation" level up system for your chosen faction? The more assets you put down, the more "experience" builds, and as it ranks up you get rewards like scavenger crates or even maybe ornaments at the end of the season that are different from the "season-end" ornaments we're supposed to get.

Right now there's just no incentive to work on it from an individual's point of view because there's no reward based on our participation – just the over-all board. And the rewards from the overall board are crap, but that's already been discussed. This is a suggestion to add more to the faction war for individual participation – so that way even if your faction lost the round or season, your merit as a participant is rewarded if you were active. That's how actual battle is done as well. A country may be losing a fight, but they still honor the soldiers who stood out and fought more valiantly than the rest.

I'm just wanting there to be more to it. Cause right now the faction war just seems like a discouragement to play the game as I feel I make no contribution to the fight with the numbers being shown.

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