Make Benches Lootable & Increase their Hit Points

One fundamental issue I take with balance-wise, is that Benches require their complete destruction to be "raided". Making them permanently accessible by all Player's for usage and loot, not "Owned" by anybody thus claiming no territory when placed, would make raiding and playing more regulated and not win-all lose-all situations on a regular basis. And if someone places them around the map, the Decay feature will simply take care of them.

Unless you're intent on destroying one Player's entire production capability, at least make it a concerted effort requiring many Steel weapons broken, or many explosives to make it not worth squashing low-level sandstone Player's. Besides, breaking apart an entire Furnace or Blacksmith's Bench with iron and steel shouldn't be easy. Thus we have Raiding, and then we have Chaos Invasion.

I'm suggesting some Benches require Iron or Steel to begin damaging, with Furnaces having 6,000 Hitpoints the peak, while Tanneries possessing 3,000 HP the minimum. FYI, for relative comparisons, Sandstone walls have 1,000 HP, whilst Steel foundations have 5,000 HP. I'd even suggest resistances to explosives or weaponry for some Benches, but perhaps that'd be pushing it.

Another extension of my suggestion would go towards Wooden and Large Chests. Double their HP like the Large's in compromise for having to have only 50% of its health be halved to be looted in exchange for not having it be always destroyed.

Worst case you don't like this idea at all, like my other suggestions here, make it an option in the Server Configuration tab, so server operators have a choice in running their customizing their rules. But honestly, I think this should be enabled permanently.

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