Make avatars unable to harm players who worship the same god?

So I recently read a post where someone suggested making it so that we can only have one active religion at a time. After that, and watching a video of an avatar demolishing a base, I had a thought. In theory, it would make sense that a tribe would be of the same religion. What if they introduced a mechanic where a tribe, as a whole, can only worship one god and in order to switch religions, there was some sort of task or ceremony required to abandon your old religion. If this was the case, they could make it so that an avatar of the same god couldn't harm others of the same religion or their bases.

I feel like, while not necessarily adding balance to the crazy effects of an avatar raid, it would add a new element of risk for the attackers. They would have to either try to figure out what religion their targets are or take a blind chance, running the risk of summoning the avatar that may have no impact.

The reason for having an entire tribe worship the same god is so you don't have one member who worships each which would render my concept useless as the one member who worships the desired god could summon the avatar and if it is found to have no effect, tribe member 2 could summon theirs knowing it will work.

The reason I suggested having a method of abandoning a religion to learn a new one is in anticipation of a religion overhaul. I am sure religious benefits will be rebalanced as time goes and hopefully, by full release, there will be major pros to each religion. If this becomes reality, I just feel it would be a good idea to have some sort of ritual to perform to abandon your old religion before taking up a new one rather than just going to Nunu and saying "suh dude, I wanna be Yog".

Anyway, just a few thoughts I had. I am sure there may be some holes in them so feel free to share your thoughts.

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