Make AI smart again

  • Add stealth option to AI team. There's only open fire, if they can communicate with us and ask "I've got a stealth shot on A and B, do I have a green light?" and you can select which one target you want them to take out. It may work smoother if they ask us and we confirm or decline rather than relying on you to do everything. This way they actually come off smart.

  • If enemies spot us and an attack happens we shouldn't have to tell the AI to start attacking, they should have enough sense to do it themselves when we get spotted.

  • Customize AI squad as a theme suit, to match you, or give them all unique suits.

  • Give AI different loadouts, that way some are more front assault, assign one as a sniper. This way they all have different assignments within the team. For example, when you assign one at a target you select "Get to positions" and the sniper takes a few seconds to find a good look out spot and notifies you when he's ready. A heavy gunner stays behind you and go crazy only when guards are alerted, throwing explosives and whatnot. Another can be support so you have someone beside you moving through the camp as you are. Then you can have the option of making your whole team snipers, heavy gunners, support, or balanced as it suits your play style.

  • Have different melee items, like knife kills for stealth, stunners, etc.

Lemme know what you guys think!

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