Make a god, one skill at a time.

I'll give you a passive, next person replies with skill number one, the next one with skill number two, the next one with three, etc. Last person replying assigns the god with it's name, class and pantheon, taking it away from mythology or making shit up. I'll add complete gods here and add other passives so we can do it again:

God 1:


This god gains a stack for every 2s she is in combat, for a max of 6 stacks and with the stacks expiring after 4 seconds out of combat. For each stack she currently has she deals 6 + (5% of his physical power) of damage every 0.5s in a radius of 25 units around her.

Ability 1 (SuchMore)

Upon activating this ability, she emits shockwave of radius 50 units around her which applies a slow of 15% for 1 to 1.8 seconds scaling, and also makes her auto attacks bounce between two other targets for 6 seconds for 75% of her basic attack damage… Furthermore, anyone hit by the shockwave are also revealed to her for 4 seconds…

Ability 2 (DaveSpectre122)

She swings her weapon in front of her dealing 30/40/50/60/75 (+65% of physical power) in cone area and slowing enemy attack speed by 10/12/14/16/20% for 2s. Enemy gods affected by this ability take 15% increased from all sources for 2s.

Ability 3 (Saurischia1)

When this ability is activated this god gains a temporary shield for 5 seconds. The shield will absorb the next 6/7/8/9/10 incoming basic attacks. The damage from these auto attacks will be stored in the shield and damage this god when the duration of the shield is over for 50% of the damage she took as well as damage enemy gods in the radius for the same damage. Additionally this god gains a stack of 10% movement speed for every auto attacks stored up to a maximum stack of 4 (40% movement)


Use some common sense, i'll not be adding things like this.

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