Major issues on PC

I'm having an absolute pain trying to get this game working.


I've probably spent 10+ hours troubleshooting and replaying the beginning hours of this game, trying to make it work.
It all started with infinite looping in the very first few minutes of the game. Several restarts later I got to the first miniboss, where 9S refused to appear. Second try, he appeared, I got to progress, but Goliath didn't trigger. Another try, 9S didn't appear again. At this point i was a bit infuriated, I quit the game, installed FAR after reading through the support thread, everything seemed fine. I got through Goliath, and progressed on.


At some point, in the desert, talking to 9S stopped working (selecting his combat mode). Since that happened I have reinstalled the game, deleted every game file, reinstalled FAR, basically wiped everything related to the game, but even on brand new saves I can't talk to 9S at all.
I chose to ignore this minor bug, and continued on. I got to the amusement park, beat the boss, and tried talking to the robot across the bridge. He does his talk about guiding me to Machine Town, but he never actually triggers. Just hangs there. Luckily I had a backup save from earlier on in Amusement Park.

I then spent 3 tries on the damn tank, because it refused to go hostile, and couldn't be killed.
Eventually it worked, and I got through the boss, the robot worked, and I got to machine town.


Now, in machine town I've had issues with not being able to talk to NPCs. This is usually solved through a few restarts, when it suddenly works again. However, the NPC "Machine with Hat", who has a quest marker cannot be talked to. I have tried everything, but nothing I do makes me able to talk to him. I have left and done other quests and come back, still not possible.


I have tried rebooting, I have tried closing every possible piece of background software. I have updated drivers. I have unplugged every secondary USB device, I have tried different controllers (PS4 and XBONE), I have reinstalled the game onto multiple disks, but the game still won't act like it is supposed to.


i7 6850K @4.3ghz

GTX 1080 2x in SLI



What the hell is going on with this game? And what is causing random stuff to not trigger for me? I really really like what I've seen of this game so far, which is why I have gone to such lengths to make it work. But at this point, with quests not triggering, and not knowing if main quests won't trigger down the line, I think I just have to give up at this point, and hope for a patch somewhere down the line…

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