(Main story Spoiler) Interesting post re: artwork novellas

From gaf:

"Reading over the Art Book. It seems the commanders name is White and she had a relationship of sorts with Jackass. They exchanged information and Jackass even knew about the Type-E project."


Commander's Message to Jackass:


I received a report regarding your behavior from the Resistance camp leader. Even if I choose to ignore the unauthorized "upgrades" you've been performing on your fellow Resistance members, combining two separate androids into a single unit is taking things too far. Just because I'm not there anymore doesn't give you free license to do whatever you please. Pull yourself together ASAP before you wind up getting exiled, you hear?

As far as things over here go, work at the Bunker has been smooth, for the most part. I figured the role of Commander would mostly consist of stamping documents and the like, but I'm surprised by the amount of miscellaneous tasks I'm expected to perform. I definitely have concerns about the Type-E deployment project, though. Still, all I can do is keep trying my best.

I truly believe that the work I'm doing here will help carve a path for the future of all androids. So I expect you in turn to do some growing up before the next time we meet, okay?


Source: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=232020867&postcount=657

Paging Rekka!

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