Mage order hall worst designed campaign for fluidity?

Having levelled quite a few toons now, I am convinced mages copped the worst order hall progression curve with their campaign. The champion order for unlocking counters to complete missions effectively is horrid. You finally counter blizzard and get your 5th champion after already going deep into 110 and then the champion doubles the duration of missions. To unlock the alternate 5th you need 3 dungeons (and doesn't counter blizzard anyway). What's more you have to collect vial shit in suramar (rather than say demon blood which is everwhere and inside dungeons you can access immediately) which means you have to kill reasonably strong mobs with quite a number of elites hanging around. You can make it slightly easier by progressing the suramar line but that is time consuming and rep based.

Sure warriors have annoying time gating for board missions but that seems somewhat inconsequential for an alt.

Is there any order hall campaign more poorly designed from a progression curve than the mage campaign?

On the complete opposite side Hunters seem to be ridiculously easy in comparison and have to have the smallest difficulty curve … oh you want to be a huntmaster … ok here you go just talk to this guy and shoot some mobs nearby. And dks seem to access champions very early from a few short world trips. Monks similarly seem to get a good balance of champions early.

Are any other campaigns more clunky than mages when considering unlocking your third relic quickly is reasonably important?

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