M+ Drinking Game!

So, me and a few friends like to play a drinking game every weekend for the M+. We basically get 4 of us sometimes more in a Discord channel and have a laugh, we basically boost meme keys such as HoV 10-15 and use these rules to have a laugh whilst doing the boring grind that is M+!


Drink= 2 fingers

Big drink = 5 fingers

Downing= drink everything left of your drink


General rules


1.Every time the healer drinks for mana you drink!

2.Every time loot drops for you, drink!

3.Every time the boostee (if your boosting) screws up such as ninja, pulling mobs, stunning people etc, take a drink!

4.Every time you only +1 a key drink!

5.Every time your group wipes big drink!

6.Every time you die drink!

7.Every time you get a upgrade down your drink!

8.Every time someone asks for a heal, they drink!

9.Every time you finish a dungeon take a drink!

10.Every time someone quotes take a drink!


Dungeon Specific ones: (just normal drink)


1.Every time you get stunned by someone else's circle (HoV)

2.Every time the trap/engi orb spawns (CoS)

3.One drink for every soul that hits The Amalgam of Souls (BrH)

4.Every time someone stands on a egg and spawns a dragon (if you spawn more than 4 dwagons at once down your drink!) (DhT)

5.Every time you get stunned on Hatecoil (EoA)

6.Every time someone gets feared (MoS)

7.Every time you get the statue wrong (2nd boss) or get hit avalanche (NL)

8.Every time a heal goes through on adds (Arcway)

9.Every time you get disoriented on the second boss (VoTW)

10.Every time someone pulls skippable trash take a drink (HoV only)


P.s. These rules are to get you pretty drunk so don't follow if you don't want that outcome!


Any other rules you think maybe good please comment them below hope you enjoy!

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