Low Population Server Rollups – Why we hate it


Patch 4.4 has introduced 'Server Rollups', in which low population regions will be 'rolled up' into another region's server in an attempt to increase the quality of the match. While the thought process behind this is great, it is very detrimental to us smaller regions.

SERVER ROLLUPS ARE UNAVOIDABLE IN CASUAL GAMES. (http://puu.sh/uIwQk/6c00e150ec.jpg)

Speaking as an Oceanic player, this renders the game almost unplayable for us. We have greatly appreciated the introduction of Oceanic servers years ago, but this feature seems to have defeated the purpose. We wish to play Oceanic ping, and that is all. Regardless of the 'quality of match', latency is of utmost importance to us players, which is the sole reason why we continue to queue. If we wished for a higher quality match, we would simply queue NA ranked (which many of us already do as a solution to our lack of oceanic ranked games). Having automatic server rollups is incredibly frustrating, ESPECIALLY since it is unavoidable in casuals. Rollups in casuals are useless. If we want to play NA, we will queue NA.

This incentivises us to simply create custom in-houses, and not to queue at all, which is negative for the scene, creating a private bubble of Oceanic players which is inconvenient and hard to access for new or uninformed players, whom then are forced to play NA.

Please reconsider the server rollup matchmaking.

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