Love this game

This is absolutely the game I've been searching for my whole life. I wish nothing too different from the just survive version other than the continuation of updates from the awesome folks at Daybreak. My one complaint, which is kind of a major part of the game, is the Melee against zombies. Please fix the hitbox issue. I understand it should be hard to hit them and dangerous to go close, but if I only have an axe or a machete I should feel confident that if I hit the zombie point blank and know that it should have made contact. If I miss then so be it. It is sometimes accurate as heck and no problem, but at least 1-2 times per 1v1 a zombie, wolf, anything, this happens. And like other people have mentioned the teleportation of the zombies and animals in the hit box is super annoying.

Other than this, favorite game ever. Brings back the nostalgia of feeling lost in an open world–like oh crap, I literally have nothing right now and have to sneak around and watch my back– beats out my other fav games like major "RPG's" on console with wastelands. Thank you for taking the mantle on this project, guys and gals.


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