Love the GR Beta, Lots of fun

Played for around 4 hours last night. On the hardest settings. I am a fan of the splinter cell and metal gear series more so than ghost recon, But I did play the PS2 version of Ghost recon. I also liked GTA at one stage and I am glad they have not made it as childish as that game has become. I played on my own no co-op.

I understand the hate from people who were expecting a more milsim experience but its all about the way you play it. I had a lot of good moments by restricting myself from doing unrealistic things and I think that allows the game to be played either casually or semi-sim which is great.


  • Soft cover system provides good transitions off walls to objects etc
  • Silencers actually work and can take down enemies close by
  • Sync shot with AI has not missed a beat
  • Snipers are actually fun even though bullet drop/speed is exaggerated
  • Enemy AI seems good, could be better, but still good.
  • Team AI do not over assist, I use them more as spotters, backup, medic
  • Beautiful world design, lots of environments and exploration
  • Stealth is good, not metal gear good but still enjoyable
  • Gunsmith is great, not sure how accurate it is but I like it
  • 1 or 2 shot kills are very satisfying, especially with iron or dot sights


  • Bodies disappear, would be nice if they stayed so the enemy found them, encouraging stealth
  • Team AI are not useful offensively if you want to hang back as sniper
  • Enemy AI get to your spotted location about 10 seconds to fast
  • Enemy Lieutenants escaping in choppers get in and takeoff to 500ft in 1 second and their gone
  • Handling of aircraft is so bad it ruins the experience at times. No rudder, weird auto flight controls
  • Enemy camps are copy paste in a lot of areas
  • Character customization was a little bland
  • rinse/repeat objectives but hopefully the environment and other areas make this more diverse
  • Vehicle damage is strange
  • not being able to kick a lot of doors in is a let down
  • Civilians are all walking around strangely, can ruin the immersion if you look at them

Overall I think with the other areas unlocked at release, fixing the aircraft eventually, tweaking some AI settings for the team/enemy, add some more character customization options for yourself and the AI and the game could be a solid 8/10. I will probably play for another 4 hours tonight.

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