Love the Game, and a few suggestions

First off,I love the game! Great job on all your hard work so far!

I know you guys are hard at work making this game even more awesome, so I just wanted to give you some food for thought. If you like one of my ideas awesome, if not that is okay too.

First off, could you add a party system? It would be cool if I could party with my friend or a random pubby I come across and always be guaranteed a spot on the same ship as them. Maybe the party leader chooses faction and ship and the rest are just brought along. It would be nice if this worked across servers too. I know there could be some issues with this, like if the sever only has room for 1 person on each team, but I still think this system could work with some tweeks.

Second, I think I read other people mention this as well, have a First Mate/quartermaster. Someone who could also give orders similar to the captain. I think this would help especially with large crews like on the galleon. This person could either be chosen by captain, voted on separately or could be the runner up in the captain election. I also see how this could lead to some problems, mainly with disagreements between the first mate and captain or trolls.

Third, could there be hazards that randomly spawn on the map. Some examples would be small icebergs that if sailed into damage your ship, sharks in the water that eat you if you fall in, mermaids??!, reefs that the ship can get stuck on. I think this would totally spice up the mechanics of the game, not only would you need to fire at the enemy but the captain and the crew would need to look out for hazards and avoid them. Or you could lead the enemy into a trap.

Lastly, I think it would be cool if there was a free for all gamemode. There could be 4 hoys, each in their own faction and they fight it out until only 1 ship has tickets left or a 4 way CTB. To prevent having to make more factions you could just do sub-factions of pirates, like pirates of the East, West, North, South or whatever works.

Anyway keep up the awesome work!

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