Love or Hate Legion, We can all agree WoW is moving leaps and bounds in the right direction again.

Legion has given new life to WoW. I don't know about you guys, but there were times in WoD where I thought this was the end of WoW, that there was no way Blizzard could come back from what that expansion did. I thought they had given up on WoW, putting everything into Overwatch and their other games. But they didn't.

WoW feels fresh again. Content updates are coming left and right and it brought back a good balance of nostalgia, along with some exciting newness to it. Yeah, there are some areas that need work (Legendaries, RNG, Class Balancing, etc), but it's refreshing to see they are responsive to the community and are trying to fix those issues. I get the feeling Blizzard really cares first and foremost about making an amazing game and taking pride in it, not just sub numbers and trying to make the game more appealing to the casual crowd.

Legion put down a good foundation for them to build on. This makes me excited because before, I had lost faith in Blizzard to bring excitement into this game, but now I am excited and interested to see what they do next.

Coming from someone who only made it 6 weeks after release into MoP and WoD, I just wanted to write this so that people who are happening to visit this sub, who are thinking about joining the WoW community or returning to it, could see something positive. Sometimes this sub can get bogged down with "Bad RNG" and "Legendary system sucks" pages, but hopefully someone reads this and see that there is a ton of people (like me) who are excited for the future of WoW. Legion isn't perfect, but it's definitely an amazing start to a new era of WoW.

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