Lots of questions for those with the patients to answer them….

I have a large assortment of questions that can't be answered by mere Google searches (for some reason). I'm halfway through New Game Plus level 140 dual swords/kusarigama kind of guy. Even answering one of these would help me out a lot.

  1. How do I Revenant share with a friend? I understand I have to die somewhere and show the location with the friend but is there a trick to it? Do I have to leave my spirit Guardian on the ground? I can't seem to get it to work.

  2. Reforging. I understand the concept because I have some Diablo experience, however there are a few outlying quirks I don't quite grasp. I understand that there are some unchanging stats (i.e. elemental). After about 50 dual sword Revenants, I managed to find an earth Blade with garbage stats. It took me a very long time to get and it's all I wanted too so I'm stuck here reforging until I get at least an A scaling in skill. I don't have anyone to ask for help so I have no clue if I'm doing something wrong. Maybe a stat I have is stopping me from rolling for a scaling for skill? Also I don't know if using Divine fragments are worth it for reforging so that helped too.

  3. Kind of a bonus question; I start my day like the rest of you fine Samurai by going revenant farming on the Isle of Demons. Almost all dual sword Revenants have the lightning sword with the a scaling and skill. They are great swords, highest damage for me, but what's stopping everyone from using another element? It's almost always lightning. Not judging, I just lack information. (sadface)

  4. If I get a weapon with less stats on it than the one I use; is it automatically trash?

  5. Spirit Guardians have a set of skills that unlock with specing into spirit, but is the first skill a passive whether or not living weapon is active?

  6. How do I unlock the missions for the last three areas on New Game Plus?

Thank you so much for your time and knowledge, I greatly appreciate it.

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