Lots of PVP Complaints lately…Only ONE True Fix

Stop being a bunch of walking pussies. If you join a PVP server, you join with the knowledge you can and will be attacked at any time and for any reason…the same goes for you attacking others. It'd be smart to pick your battles wisely but sometimes you can't and that's just how survival games go. Complaining that you made all this progress, your house was raided, cry cry cry, then maybe you shouldn't be on a PVP server. If you want PVP, you get PVP. Not when you want it, not when it's convenient, but when it happens.

Now I agree raiding buildings offline kinda sucks but its part of the game and without it, the game would be imbalanced. You're getting raided and can't stop it? Log. You raided someone else and see them preparing revenge? Log. See how lame that sounds? I logged on yesterday to see my door busted in, my stacks of iron and steel and all my back up gear and my chests gone. My crafting stations gone. Well, I hear people bitching about this shit in chat CONSTANTLY. Instead, channeling in some fun, I told chat they will all pay, everyone is now KOS for me, they took my home from me, all that fun bs. Yeah, whatever.

I took what I had left and went out and killed two innocents running by my dilapidated shelter. INSTANT BITCHING ENGAGED. Well assholes, this is a PVP-RP server and I told you all I would not stop til you're all dead. Then I chased another guy and if I hit him one more time, I would've had him. He escaped but I saw a guy chopping wood in heavy armor so I cut him in half. With little health left, the guy who escaped my pursuit comes in and finishes me off, losing the last of what I had only to have to start by collecting rocks to make a fucking pick. THIS is how exiles live and this is how PVP in the game should be played. Less bitching, more fun encounters. You live and lose, start over.

B4 time investment, I get it, it takes a while to make big progress. Not everything has to be a slaughterfest but accept the decision you made to be on a PVP server and the unanticipated consequences that come with it. It's exciting to risk it all to know that yeah, this may be it, I may have to farm rocks and branches so I can start again. You still have your level, it's a fresh start, not the end of the game.

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