Lore: Who Are the Titans?

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Lore: Who Are the Titans

Welcome Back Guardians

In today’s report we will discuss the most chivalrous of us all, our armor adorned, defenders of our all last bastion, the illustrious and respected Titans. Often when we describe various guardians, we look to divide them into groups, hunters are identifiable as being sneaky or shifty, warlocks can be cold and vague, but how do you properly describe a titan? Certainly visually identifying a titan from a group of guardians isn’t all too challenging, you’d just look for the broadest shoulders, perhaps the most impressive armor or a sash of an order that titan chooses to represent. But you don’t describe a warlock as being dismissive or cryptic, you couldn’t present a hunter as only being interested in glory, so we shouldn’t describe a titan by simply their armor, but by their history. And the History of Titans is the foundation of the Last City, for without their hardship the walls wouldn’t of been built, the watch towers would of gone unmanned, and when a sacrifice was needed its call would've gone unheard. This is the story of the Titans, our defenders of the light and our protectors of the Last City.


To better define the Titans we need to deeply examine the battles and leaders that emulate a titan’s quality traits. Titans are seemingly infused with a strong sense of honor and incorruptible duty, to either protecting the City or to strike out against the alien hordes that may threaten us. One of the most iconic and legendary of all titans, is of course, Saint-14, the exo veteran that lead a crusade against the first fallen House of Devils to threaten the City. Saint-14 would cut a swath through the Fallen House of Devils to reach their kell Solkis, ending his reign of terror and dismantling the Devil’s primary source of organization. Saint-14’s vendetta versus the Fallen was not misplaced, the House of Devils was responsible for countless civilian and refugee deaths since the times of Rezyl Azzir. But to best explain the Titan’s Story we should start with the first Guardian that is perhaps most closely linked to being a titan, or at least influenced the classification definition, we speak of course of Rezyl Azzir.

The Traitorous Precursor

Rezyl came from a time when guardians were not defined by classes, they existed in a semi flux state, learning a wide variety of disciplines to control light or to harness its energy into formulated attacks. They were called Risen, typically due to a guardian's death defeating stunt when revived by a ghost, but more importantly, Rezyl would eventually define what it meant to be a titan. All Titans would owe some of heritage to this individual, regardless of later fall from grace. I’ve compiled a more in depth report on Rezyl Azzir, and I recommend you read that report for more indepth information, but to summarize; Rezylwould fight in the faction wars, a series of conflicts were humanity was divided under the shadow of the traveler, battling for their ideologies on how to survive this new age. Eventually the faction wars would end, with a semi uneasy peace, and this was due to the arrival of the first Fallen Pirates, seeking to remove humanity from under the traveler and claim the dead god as their own. “Rezyl had been a champion of these Wars. A Leader. Against the Alien Pirates he had been more. If the giant (referring the the Traveler) wasn’t a God, then maybe Rezyl was.” Rezyl, along with other titans would see to the first walls being built around the city as this was most efficient response to defending the refugees of the last city and the Traveler itself. However, due to Rezyl's turn to darkness and adoption of the name Dredgen Yor, few titans will claim their class is related to such travesty, to a traitor with no aim other than forwarding his legacy. Instead titans choose define themselves by the walls surrounding the City that their predecessors created and in turn would become its most stalwart of defenders.

Six Fronts

One of the first recorded battles of the Last City occurred during the City Age, its name and historical details would forever transform the titans from mountains of muscle, as they were commonly stereotyped, to the city’s most capable protectors. That battle was called Six Fronts, a battle in which six enemy positions advanced against four unbreakable titan orders. Six Fronts has some of the richest history that Titans have clinged or attached themselves to and for the rights reasons. The Iron Lords led invincible Patrols, the Firebreak Commanders strove out and reclaimed acres of scorched territory, Saint-14 and the exiled warlock Osiris lead battalions against the Fallen incursions. It was the largest and most coordinated Fallen attack the City had ever faced, and its sovereignty would be tested by weighing the strength of its Titan Orders against the unending Fallen aggressions. The first Defenders, the void discipline of a titan, would make an impressive and perhaps first appearance at Six Fronts, where it was described as simply holding the walls was not enough, the Titan’s had to become fortifications in themselves. Later, during the Vanguard expedition to retake the moon, a titan by the name of Wei Ning would embody the definition of a defender, protecting her fireteam and refusing to accept any defeats. The Titans would eventually prevail in the City’s first trial, and while they are not the only guardians to participate in this victory, salvation was achieved largely through their sacrifice.

Holborn’s Host

While the titans legendary achievement at Six Fronts should never be forgotten or trivialized, it's important to discuss the more notable titans and the influence they’ve had on the entire class of guardians. Holborns expeditions to Mars, sanctioned by Shaxx and Zavala, to search for information regarding Rasputin is a peculiar case. It is said that Holborn taught his followers the discipline of the striker, these arc based abilities allowed Titans to become offensive juggernauts making them incredibly formidable against hard composite armor the Cabal utilized. The Twelve Pointed star would commemorate all titans who would follow Holborn to mars, calling themselves Holborns Host and the City’s Hand on Mars. Holborn’s fate is either unknown by the Vanguard or he simply has been forgotten with the passage of time, regardless his impact on Titans has been felt throughout the ages and his legacy of strikers will no doubt continue.

The Sunbreakers

The Sunbreakers however, are a completely different story, one mired in controversy and confusion. Typically Titans are seen as honor bound to protect the City from any danger, whether foreign or domestic, but some titan orders, like the Sunbreakers predate the foundation of city. This titan order has rejoined the City’s ranks, but a majority of the sunbreakers have acted as mercenaries, operating under human fiefdoms lead by untamed warlords. Becoming a Sunbreaker and wielding the very fire of Sol is no simple feat, and its something few Titans actually strive to accomplish. Lord Shaxx has stated that becoming a sunbreaker is not a challenge of character but a test of ability to harness the light. “The Forge Breaks the brittle. And It Bends the Weak. But the Strong, the strong walk away steeled and tempered, Unbreakable.” The Light harnessed by the Sunbreakers has never been seen inside the Walls, at least until recently, when titans have begun to accept the Sunbreaker Oath and forge a new fate for the timeless order.

Twilight Gap

The final and perhaps greatest memento to all titans is the participation of the legendary Iron Lord Saladin and the now Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx in the greatest battle to test the City, the Battle of Twilight Gap. The Battle has two separate names, but prior to the taken war, it is the first engagement that took place at more than one location across the solar system. First a combined offensive effort of Fallen Houses at the City walls, and secondly, the engagement in the reef against the would be reinforcements the House of Wolves. Initially the City held against the united houses artillery fire, concentrated by batteries of walker units, but the cost was uncountable. Titans, Warlocks and Hunters all fought in the battle of the gap, but the legends that rose that day surrounded Lord Shaxx and the counterattack that broke the Fallen. Shaxx and his trusted companion, the battle frame Arcite-99, would lead guardians and other battleframes in a fierce counterattack that would retake sections of the Wall occupied by the Fallen. Twilight Gap is often regarded a pyrrhic victory for all guardians, including Shaxx, Saladin and Zavala and would push the three to prepare the next generation of guardians so that another Gap may never happen. For Saladin, this meant the formation of the Iron banner tournament, although Technically it’s run with administrative assistance from Shaxx. Lord Shaxx in turn would form the crucible, a live fire combat simulation that pit teams of guardians against one another with ghosts ready to resuscitate the dead. Its rumored, but unconfirmed, that the fabled rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, was forged from the armors and light of dead guardians that perished during the gap. Apparently there are only a set few in existence, so obtaining one is equally rewarding for both historical value and for multiplying a fireteams firepower.

Sacrifice, Duty and Honor

But we’ve omitted so much, What of the Iron Lords? The Guardians like Lady Jolder and Lord Radegast, those who fought in the times before the city had walls, in the wilderness against tyrannical warlords. What of Kabr, the Legionless, Wei Ning, Vell Tarlowe and the missing Titan Orders? What became of Saint-14 and Holborn’s host? You see titans are much like the Warlocks and Hunters, they seek to uncover their past, what and who they were. And in the process they define themselves as our protectors, the wall builders and stalwart bulwark against the oncoming storm of Darkness. To the Titans we salute you, your sacrifice at Six Fronts will never be forgotten our trivialized to history, and the glory you attain now you secure for all guardians of all classes.

Walk Tall Guardians.

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