Loot Update

Ive been playing on test for 30 minutes now and this loot update seems like an extreme nerf. If anyone hasnt tried it out I suggest you go on test and try it so you can be as angry as I am right now.

This game is actually getting some population back onto it with the increased loot and surface spawns everywhere. People play this game for the PVP. People like looting lots of stuff and stockpiling items. People will quit if the loot system that is on Test gets pushed to Live severs on the wipe. My entire group just went on test to try it out and every last one of them has said they are done with this game if loot goes back to how it was befor… 3 items in each house… no surface spawn ammo… 90% of the time those 3 items are hats and shirts…

I looted the entire PV residential and i came out with no backpack, no surface spawned ammo, and only one gun.

Please people go and try out Test server, this new loot update will not be good….

After they made Low Loot servers and saw that they have no players on them ever, you'd think they would realize WE LIKE LOOT, WE DONT WANT LOW LOOT.

How about this. Make a few High Loot servers and crank the loot up real nice on them, compare it to the result of the Low Loot servers and you should get an idea of what the players want.

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