Loot update


As we all see on the test server, the loot has been nerfed, and I think as it was on live server was good for everyone. I think 15-20 bullets/house is a good loot, we don't need less than that.

I also think we don't need much loot than we actually have on Live server, only thing we need, is the fix just after the reset as I said. After a reset server, we don't find more than 3-4 bullets in house ( only t-shirt and cap everywhere, even if you try to reset the house, only t-shirt and cap will respawn again; after 4 times looting all bunjick, not much than 3-4 fertilizer ( 20 mins – 30mins of looting for 3-8 ferti ). After 1-2 days after the reset, the loot come back, we can loot fine again ( something like 20 fertilizer in all bunjick, ~~15-20 bullets per house…) That's the fix we need, and that's the normal loot for my opinion…

People who want a low loot rate can go on low loot server, and player who said it kills the game, they should just go on pve server. Because more loot mean more pvp and more raid, that's what a majority of player want.

As we can see, low loot server and pve server are permantly low, we can easily conclude that people want a good loot and want raid/pvp.

Then we need the loot as it used to be when there is no reset server ( after the 1-2 days bugged after a loot reset ).

That's my point, and a point for a majority of player.

As I said, people who don't want much loot, they should just go on low loot server, they are here for you, and if you think there is too much pvp/ raid, then go on pve server.

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