Long term suggestions


I really love the game so far, and i have somes ideas that maybe the devs or the communauty could possibly like.

  • Ships that sunked should leave floating crates of supplies that can be scavenged for additionals crates of ammo. Said supplies would of course be deducted from the sunk ship and should be manually pick up and transfered on-board.

  • Ships load-outs. A captain could choose some equipements over other one depending on their strategy. (Example:More supplies per box OR Additionals broadside cannons for improved firepower. Improved rudder for faster turning rate OR Improved sails that slightly increase speed and resistance of the sails.)

  • Stackable supplies. You could, for example, stack up to twenty powder/shots per box. Each crate add 12 and can only be use if there is 8 shots or less.

  • Swivels should need supplies too. A crate could give like 20 swivels shots

  • Add the possibility to replenish muskets, grenades and such ammo. I would add some kind of gun rack with some crates where you can also change your loadout. To avoid abuse, you could set a limit to prevent players from accessing it more than once every 2-3 minutes.

  • Disposable weapons and pre-loaded weapons. Think of a gun rack somewhere on the forecastle that could be used to counter enemy boarding (And could be used against you too) where there is 4-5 muskets ready to fire. Once used, muskets could be dropped or placed back to be reloaded later by a crew member.

Of course, these are only suggestions. They can be modified, changed and tweaked to the desires of the devs. Or just outright be shit. And get thrown overboard without my tea.

Sorry for the bad english, not my first language.

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