[Long] [Categorized] My final feedback for the open beta

So, I read through some of the already existent feedback and decided to make my own post. This is going the include several already well known issues and some that I found. I'm also trying to categorize it to make it easier to read.


1. Uncategorized

  • Bodies disappearing after literally looking away for a second: That is immensely immersion breaking, simply leave the bodies where they are until you leave the area, limiting the amount of bodies present at the same time is also a possible solution.

  • Enemies resupplying bases too quickly: After killing every single Unidad soldier in that certain base, I drive off to realize that I forgot to pick up the Shorty. Upon returning to the base I realize that the enemies are already back at it, about 5 minutes after killing everyone. The enemies just respawn way too quickly. Period. I've also read that the bases should be captured, but that limits the amount of times we can attack a certain base (in Far Cry you had to reset every outpost at once).

  • Freezing every now and then: Self-explanatory. It didn't seem to happen to me very often, but when it happens it could actually get you killed (was killed once because of this).

  • Long loading for textures and blurry vision while in the drone or using binoculars: Also self-explanatory. The loading times of textures is partially atrocious, this wasn't a problem in the closed beta as far as I can remember. The blurry vision is really annoying because it straight up limits the amount of stuff you can see at distances.


2. Weapons

— Weaponry is a very important part for me since I'm the guy in my little group you would normally ask gun related questions —

  • The environmentally unfriendly reload animations: When you don't reload an empty weapon you still pull the charging handle back and waste a useful shot… The empty reload on snipers is probably the biggest problem. You already chambered the new round after reloading and then you chamber another one?? This has to be the most annoying thing related to reload animations I ever experienced. This also drastically slows down reload animations without a single reason to do so.

  • The potato-thrower ballistics: What's up with the insane bullet drop and slow bullet velocity? It feels like I'm lobbing a potato at an enemy who is 300 metres away… On a serious note: I do like that they implemented ballistics, but they are currently really bad and NEED to be changed QUICKLY. The ballistics are actually one of the main things I find really annoying while still being important to me. The bullets just have an extremely low muzzle velocity as well as insane bullet drop.

  • Muzzle flashes and bullet impacts: The muzzle flashes can't look any more unrealistic then they currently do. The bullet impacts are extremely oversized especially at longer distances.

  • Odd tree hitboxes: I can't really explain that, but the grenade launcher usually explodes after hitting the first few leafes of the crown of a tree. A grenade should not be stopped be some leaves and weak branches (bullets sometimes seem to get stuck in trees too)

  • Balance: It seems that they wanted to approach the balance in a more realistic way while trying to not make any weapons obsolete (not including the starter weapons). BUT comparing the HTI to the MSR: the MSR is just better. The HTI is supposed to be a .50 BMG while having only very little more damage than the MSR and also LESS PENETRATION!? There needs to be something done in order to make the HTI a more viable option (even higher damage and more penetration than the MSR). But in the end I don't necessarily care (L115 all the way).

  • Sounds: The sounds are fine as they are with the exception of one weapon: the HTI (again). I compared the sounds of the three sniper rifles available to us side by side, just to notice that the HTI is pretty quiet compared to the MSR. Again: The HTI fires a .50 BMG and the MSR a .338 LM. This might actually be an easy fix since just turning up the volume would be enough (that may be possible, I do have experience with game developement since I worked on a game, but I could be wrong).


3. Vehicles

— This has to be one of the best known topics by now, so this isn't going to be anything new to a lot of you —

  • Tire hitboxes: Which tire hitboxes? I was never able to actually shoot out a tire. The car went up in flames quicker.

  • Understeering or oversteering? Why not both!: The ground vehicles are extremely slippy. It sometimes feels like I'm pushing the back of the car to the left or right instead of actually turning…

  • Weak vehicles: Vehicles seem to be allergic to bullets and react with a vicious fire. Vehicles are very quickly dispatched by a few bullets, even armoured cars (sometimes rendering them utterly useless). A thing that annoys the crap out of me is, that the APC can be destroyed by small arms fire. I think a dedicated anti-vehicle unit is very appropriate in a game with armoured vehicles. AT-Turrets are also a possible solution (to not make the APC a god of destruction).

  • Damage model: Hitting a rock while just rolling (around 5 to 10 mph) destroyed the whole front of my truck. A higher tolerance would be more than appropriate when hitting things with vehicles.

  • Why only miniguns?: I personally think that the miniguns just don't fit. .50's would be much more appropriate and better. I've also read that miniguns are OP, but those things just are that good.

— Soo, now for the helicopter controls shall I? Well, this is going to attract a lot of hate, but I do kind of like the current controls (for the PC that is)… I know as fact that almost everyone HATES them, but I do also think that a lot of you simply don't have the knowledge. To explain it quickly: The helicopter basically consists of two autopilots, the cruise-control autopilot and the hover autopilot. To switch from hover to cruise simply build up speed until you lose altitude, then just let go of everything except the throttle. You will now fly at max speed in a straight line. You can fly higher or lower by simply pitching up and down without ever letting go of the throttle. This makes flying helicopters especially easy for keyboard users. In GTA 5 I can't fly a helicopter with my keyboard at all, I always end up switching to my controller. However, to satisfy you, I've got the following: —

  • Helicopter controls: Keeping the current control scheme is recommended but under the name "Simple controls". Adding a new default control scheme (Normal- or Advanced controls) or giving you the chance of selecting the one you desire while entering a helicopter for the first time is needed.



  • Spawning at camps after joining: This is something that doesn't bother me but it seems to be a general problem. The players that join in afterwards spawn at a camp and not in the general vicinity of the other player(s). You just need to remove the useless step of going into the map and teleporting to a friend by instantly spawning you at your partners.

  • Synchronization of the players: It has gotten better (for some reason) since the closed beta, but it still happens that sometimes your partner doesn't have the suppressor on his weapon even though on his screen he has. It also appears that vehicle lights don't synchronize well either…

  • Less chatter between the ghosts: While playing coop, the chatter between the ghosts should either be disabled or drastically reduced.

  • Tagging supplies: I hope that 4 trackers are enough to find that god damned barrel of oil. I mean you have to be safe right? Right!? If one player tags a resource, it should automatically be tagged for all of the players in the group.

  • Binoculars or augmented vision?: In-game they are called "Binoculars", but you don't actually use one from the perspective of other players. You could stamp it off as augmented vision, but there is absolutely no information about that (I mean they are ghosts, so this actually isn't as far-fetched as you might think)


5. AI

— The AI overall seems pretty stupid. There is a lot of things that need to be improved that are not included in this list —

  • Aimbot: The AI doesn't seem to have any inaccuracy at all. I found it very interesting when a dual SMG-11 wielder fired in my general direction (I was behind cover in an elevated position) and all the bullets went in a straight line without any inaccuracy of the weapon or wielder.

  • Insanely short response times: Those response times are just way too short. They must have basically parked 100 metres in front of the compound to be able to arrive that quick…

  • Seemingly "overpowered" rebels: Usually when attacking the unidad compound I just free the rebels and let them do the work. They sometimes (not all of the times) are capable of killing nearly every enemy on their own. They are rebels, we need to babysit them, not the other way round.

  • Magical locating abilities: The AI (after killing some of them and entering alert mode) seems to know EXACTLY where you are without spotting you. This can make long range sniping a nightmare (besides the ballistics) because of the enemies taking cover while considering your position.

  • Brutal civilians in cars: After reading through some of the posts and comments as well as experiencing it myself, the civilians that are driving cars are just ruthless. They seem to overrun every player whilst avoiding all of the AI's, including cartel members.




  • THE RADIOS: Seriously, what's up with the amount of radios in this game!? Excessively many.


At last, I want to say that I do personally really like the game. I originally wasn't very interested in the game and had an overall pessimistic view of it. That's probably why I was positively surprised and ended up liking the game more than I probably should. Don't get me wrong, the game has a substantial amount of flaws, but those (with a bit of luck) can be ironed out. It was also a blast playing with my comrades and just trolling around with them doing absolutely nonsensical stuff.

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