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'tree beside the river of truth'
speech from Spider-Man #357, but I'm not 100% sure it is … judge for yourself!

Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, you move."

The Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War #537. Writing by Michael J. Straczynski.

Strongbow-D: The bloodthirsty Häkke Strongbow-D is a weapon fit for a conqueror.

While both he and his father were known as 'Strongbow', this gun almost certainly refers to Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, who is famous for leading a Norman invasion into Ireland.

The Comedian: A. A ha. A ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

No specific idea, unfortunately. It could be a reference to The Joker, of Batman fame; or to The Comedian of Watchmen fame.
As a minor note, the number of 'ha's following each 'A' goes 0, 1, 3, 7. Might be a hint, might be nothing ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Occam's Razor: Sometimes the simplest ways are best.

A reference to the problem-solving method of the same name, Occam's razor, put forth by William of Ockham, a 13th century English Friar. Essentially, the principle states that, "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected". That is to say, the simplest solution should be the first choice. Thus the shotgun.

Invisible Hand M7: Built so light, it sometimes feels like it's not even there.

A phrase used by 18th century Scottish economist Adam Smith, the 'invisible hand' is "… the unintended social benefits of individual actions." At its core, it is the idea "… that individuals' efforts to pursue their own interest may frequently benefit society more than if their actions were directly intending to benefit society."

Cúchulainn-D: You may die, but you will die on your feet, facing your enemies.

One of my absolute favorite shotguns, the Cúchulainn (pronounced cuh-hoo-lynn) takes its name from the quintessential Irish hero of the same name. He is the ultimate bad-ass of Irish mythology, and there's a crap-ton of awesome stories about him. I wish I could find the an actual quote of his death, but for now the Wikipedia summary will have to suffice:

Lugaid has three magical spears made, and it is prophesied that a king will fall by each of them. With the first he kills Cú Chulainn's charioteer Láeg, king of chariot drivers. With the second he kills Cú Chulainn's horse, Liath Macha, king of horses. With the third he hits Cú Chulainn, mortally wounding him. Cú Chulainn ties himself to a standing stone to die on his feet, facing his enemies. This stone is traditionally identified as Clochafarmore, located near Dundalk. Due to his ferocity even when so near death, it is only when a raven lands on his shoulder that his enemies believe he is dead. Lugaid approaches and cuts off his head, but as he does so the "hero-light" burns around Cú Chulainn and his sword falls from his hand and cuts Lugaid's hand off. The light disappears only after his right hand, his sword arm, is cut from his body.

Totally 100% bad-ass.

Sniper Rifles

Epitaph 2261: It's seen things you people wouldn't believe. Killed most of them, too.

This is a sad reference to the 'Tears in the rain' monologue from Bladerunner. Famously largely improvised by Rutger Hauer, it is a three-sentence monologue towards the end of the movie. Spoilers for Bladerunner:

As for the 2261, I have a crackpot theory: NGC 2261 is the designation of Hubble's Variable Nebula. More importantly, that Nebula is part of the constellation Monoceros. A 'monoceros' is a, "… creature with the body of a horse, the head of a stag (minus the antlers), the feet of an elephant, and the tail of a wild boar. It has one black horn in the middle of its forehead, which is two cubits in length, and is impossible to capture alive." Thus 'the things you wouldn't believe it's seen, that it's killed'!!

Tao Hua Yuan: One day, the flowers will grow again.

Referring to the 5th century Chinese fable, Tao Hua Yuan describes the, "… chance discovery of an ethereal utopia where the people lead an ideal existence in harmony with nature, unaware of the outside world for centuries."

Uzume RR4: With the Uzume RR4 on your side, the Darkness doesn't stand a chance.

Ame-no-Uzeme-no-Mikoto–Japanese, 天宇受売命, 天鈿女命–is the Shinto Goddess of Dawn, Birth, and Memory. Certainly not bad to have on your side, I suppose. About the same I feel about this sniper.

Tamar-D: With the Häkke Tamar-D, they'll never see you coming.

In one of those instances where I had to chose between several historical/literary characters, I'd guess this is an obscure reference to the Georgian sky goddess. Given that she could control the weather, she could probably prevent people from being aware of you?

EX MACHINA~: Eirene ~If (SIVA) return replicate // else if (!SIVA) run ascension()~

A partial example of the phrase 'deus ex machina', literally, 'god from the machine'. It is used to describe a made-up solution to an otherwise intractable problem in a work of fiction. Seems fitting, no?

Eirene RR4: A new Golden Age is just over the horizon. With the Omolon Eirene RR4, you'll be the first to see it coming.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Peace. She is often depicted holding a torch, so she might be phosphorus, mmm?

Aoife Rua-D: Control the battlefield with the Häkke Aoife Rua-D.

Referring to Aoife 'Red Eva' MacMurrough, she was the wife of Strongbow, mentioned above. She often led soldiers into battle, thus the flavor text.
Her name is pronounced 'ee-fuh'–which makes the Anglicization of 'Eva' make a bit more sense.

Deianeira-D: They underestimate you at their own peril.

One of two Greek women, Deianeira either refers to an Amazonian who was killed by Hercules on his quest for the girdle of Hippolyta; or to his wife, who accidentally killed him. Either way, her name is cheerfully translated as 'man destroyer'.

Matuta RR4: Bring forth the dawn.

While I personally love this particular flavor text, Bungie really likes their dawn goddesses, don't they? Matuta was a dawn goddess in the Latin tradition.

Black Trung-D: A long range Häkke firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.

Referencing the Trưng Sisters–Vietnamese, 徵側 and 徵貳–they are national heroines of Vietnam, who ruled for three years after the first Chinese takeover of Vietnam. Pretty gosh-darn bad-ass.

Silvered Mulan-D: A highly accurate Häkke firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.

No, this is not referencing the movie … the movie is actually a (admittedly highly inaccurate) dramatization the life of Hua Mulan, a historical and awesome Chinese warrior. She was originally described in the Ballad of Mulan–Chinese, 木蘭辭.

Painted Sammuramat-C: A highly accurate Häkke sniper rifle, earned through glory in the Crucible.

Again with the alternate spellings, Semiramis was the wife of King Nimrod (it used to mean a legendary hunter, I promise), and apparently she was so renowned that:

Nearly every stupendous work of antiquity by the Euphrates or in Iran seems to have ultimately been ascribed to her, even the Behistun Inscription of Darius. Herodotus ascribes to her the artificial banks that confined the Euphrates and knows her name as borne by a gate of Babylon. Various places in Assyria and throughout Mesopotamia as a whole, Media, Persia, the Levant, Asia Minor, Arabia, and the Caucasus bore the name of Semiramis, but slightly changed, even in the Middle Ages, and an old name of the Armenian city of Van was Shamiramagerd (in Armenian it means created by Semiramis).

Silvered Boudicca-D: A powerful Häkke sniper rifle, earned through glory in the Crucible.

Boudica was an awesome Iceni queen who led a British rebellion against the occupying Romans. She was so successful and vicious that she briefly made then-Emperor Nero consider withdrawing all forces from Britain. Unfortunately, she was eventually defeated by the Romans, and she died shortly thereafter.

Tomyris-E2: "If my rifle gets any smarter I'm afraid I'll fall for her." – Anahera-3, Exo hunter

Talk about weapons that I really, really want with literally no way to get them. Damn, with like … Ambush/QD/Grenadier? Mmm … I mean, that's also gotta be one of my favorite flavor texts. Besides me fantasizing about weapons, this delightful rifle references Tomyris of Messagetae, who was a female ruler of an Eastern Asian country in the 6th century. She led her armies in a defense against Cyrus the Great, and eventually defeated his armies and killed him. Sweet.
The name of the Exo speaking means 'angel' in Maori.

Amina-E7: In a Guardian's hands, a properly equipped precision rifle can gain uncanny capabilities.

One of the few Vanilla rifles that I have that made it through various purges, the Amina-E7 refers to Amina of Zazzau, who was a Hausa Muslim Warrior Queen. She ruled over territory that is now Northwestern Nigeria in either the 16th or 17th century.

Chandragupta-A: You can't be stopped. You won't be forgotten.

Given the 'A' in its name, I'm going to guess this refers to the first Chandragupta, a Mauryan Indian emperor in the 4th century BCE, who was the first emperor to unite the north and south of India. He instigated huge reforms in civil society and religion, made huge advances in infrastructure, and caused the empire as whole to go through a period of huge prosperity. He also started and maintained contact with the West. He is a huge figure in Indian culture, and with good reason.

Gozen-C: The massive Gozen-C fires a brutally powerful iridium sabot.

So, 'gozen' means either 'young lady' or 'young lord' in Japanese. It can also be used to describe female samurai. That means that there are a couple people that it could be. My best guess is this sniper refers to Lady Hangaku, who was a samurai in the 13th century. She was said to be, "… as fearless as a man, and as beautiful as a flower".
It could also be Lady Aya, though I can find less information about her.

Trajan-C: Accurized long-barrel sniper weapon. Often arrives with unusual onboard systems.

After one of the Five Good Emperors, Trajan was the Roman emperor who presided over the largest military expansion in Roman history, and ruled in peace and prosperity. He oversaw large public improvement and social welfare policies that made him both extremely popular and well-regarded. He died of a stroke in 117 CE.

And that about wraps it up!

There were a handful of entries that landed too far on the side of 'historical' or 'idiomatic' that they escaped noticed here, but let me know if you think there are any egregious weapons that were left out.

Thanks for reading, Guardians!

Just a couple minor edits to include links to my posts about armor and primary weapons!

Also, thank you mods for flair-ing this as 'Lore' <3

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