List of Special Effects you can get on Weapons

This is just a list of what you can get on Weapons and Armor per Rarity, its not a completed list and ill continue to update it as i find more.

Common Weapons:

  • Proficiency Bonus
  • Break
  • Skill Break
  • Stance/Strength Break
  • Stance Atk./Stance Guard Ki Reduction
  • Final Blow Dmg
  • Parry
  • Stance Dmg
  • Skill Ki Dmg
  • Close Combat Ki
  • Guard Ki Usage
  • Human/Yokai Close Combat Dmg
  • Dmg to Revenants
  • Close Combat Dmg (Critical)
  • Grapple Dmg
  • Reduction (Critical)
  • Parry (Critical)
  • Close Combat ki Reduction (Critical)

Common Armor:

  • Dmg Reduction
  • Defense
  • Matchlock Dmg
  • Increase Atk and Def (Weapon)
  • Toughness
  • Dmg From Behind
  • Recieved Firearms Dmg
  • Proficiency Bonus
  • Amirita Earned from Yokai/Human
  • Human/Yokai Equipment Drop Rate
  • Recurrent Dmg
  • Close Combat Atk (Enemy Statuse'd)
  • Bare-Handed Atk Dmg
  • Dmg From Fall
  • VS. Elements/Status's
  • VS. Yokai Realm
  • Amirita Earned
  • Yokai/Human Item Drop Rate
  • Gold Earned
  • Dash Ki Usage (Critical)

Uncommon Weapons:

  • Strong Atk Dmg
  • Dmg Bonuses(Familiarity/ Enemies Defeated/ Agility)
  • Skill Ki Reduction

Uncommon Armor:

  • Kodama Sense
  • Life
  • Luck
  • Attack
  • Element Dmg
  • Equipment/Item Drop rate
  • Dash Endurance
  • Evasion Ki Usage
  • Dmg Bonus (Less/More Armor)
  • Onmyo Magic Power
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Ninjutsu
  • Unlimited Onmyo
  • Recieved Dmg From Atk (Critical)

Rare Weapons:

  • Elements/Status's
  • Life Recovery By Grapple
  • Close Combat Dmg
  • Skill/ Stance/ Strength Drain
  • Close Combat Ki Reduction/Dmg
  • Guard Ki Reduction

Rare Armor:

  • Treasure Sense
  • Elixer Effect On Life Recovery
  • Running Speed
  • Change to Def (Stat)
  • Unlimited Elixer

Mythic Weapons:

  • Change to Attack Stats
  • Extend Purification Opening

Mythic Armor:

  • Life Recovery (Finished Using Living Weapon)
  • Elemental Dmg Reduction (Guarding)
  • Sense Enemies
  • Tenacity (Recurrent Dmg)
  • Shorten Recovery Time (Out of Ki)

Divine Weapons:

  • Retrieve Stray Projectiles (Ranged)
  • Status Ailments Relieved (Purification)

Divine Armor:

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